Friday, January 9, 2015

Good Communication Can Save Your Relationship

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By Blessing Hammed

Good communication is very important in marriage. Some wives complain that their husband spend very little time conversing with them. That is sad. True, due to busy times and economic situation husbands work long hours outside the home and this may result in less time spent communicating with their spouse.

But a married couple should reserve time for each other. Otherwise, they may become independent of each other. It could lead to serious problem if they are compelled to seek sympathetic companionship outside the marriage.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Why Your Significant Other Should Be Your Best Friend

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By Blessing Hammed

If you are a husband or wife reading this, what would be your response to the question, who is your best friend?  Surprisingly most people would answer this question by mentioning names which exclude their spouses.

This reminds me of a program in which couples from different continent were asked who their best friend was, and amazingly none of them gave the name of their spouse as the answer. This got me thinking that how can you profess to love someone and yet that person isn't your best friend? It only means that the couples profess to love each other but do not like themselves. It also means there is no friendship in their relationship.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 Things A Husband Must Do To Avoid His Wife Cheating On Him!

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By Blessing Hammed,

Dear husband, when last did you complement your wife, show interest in her emotionally and tell her she is beautiful? For some men once the children start coming, oh! they gradually stop complimenting their wife and before you know what is happening they see her only as a mother, housekeeper and wife and may even take her for granted.

Do you know what you are  doing to your wife? Let me  explain it to you - you have thrown her self esteem in to the gutter, thereby making her feel she is no longer sexy, beautiful or desirable. She feels unattractive and may begin to have low self esteem.