Thursday, January 8, 2015

TLC's My Husband's Not Gay Talks To Women Who Marry Men Attracted To Men

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The TLC channel in the US is planning to air a special titled “My Husband’s Not Gay,” this coming weekend. The one-hour show will be about Mormon couples in Salt Lake City where the male spouse is open about also being attracted to men. But they love their wives and are prepared to do all they can to make their marriage, happy, faithful and longlasting.

In Nigeria, these things are not so clear cut. A lot of us are Christians, we believe that homosexuality is a sin. In most local cultures, it is also taboo, while marriage and child-bearing is esteemed. One issue many people could not understand with Kenny Brandmuse's coming out post was the fact that his now ex-wife knew he was attracted to men when she agreed to go along with the wedding.

He wrote that she thought it was a childhood obsession that he would keep in the past. Unfortunately he found other men he preferred to his wife and chose to let her go than cheat on her.