Sunday, March 24, 2013

Awakening - The Movie: Now in Nigerian Cinemas

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It has echoes of Final Destination but the trailer shows that it is a totally Nigerian movie, even with ties to some time in history and to ancient gods or oaths.  I saw the trailers to this movie earlier and was impressed. Reading two positive reviews [here and here] made me publish this post calling on people to go see the movie for those in Nigeria. It seems they shot on a really small budget and had little left over for promotion. I think good producers and directors need to be encouraged, so go see the movie at your nearest cinema if you can.

I have contacted the director to ask for those of us who live in the US, if there is any chance that Awakening is coming soon to Amazon or Youtube for paid streaming? Or even Iroko+? There is also the option of Distrify? Nigerian movie makers should get with the diaspora audience already jare.

This is the blurb of the movie and you can watch the trailer below;

A story about a young man who suddenly starts to have strange dreams about people dying and discovers his dreams are actually premonitions to real life events. He begins to investigate his connection with the deaths and discovers a sinister plot by greater forces that have existed even before the foundations of this nation. Together with a top newspaper journalist, they race against time to find a solution to the strange events.