Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stephen Fry On Being Atheist - Which Stupid God Creates a World So Full of Injustice and Pain?

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Stephen Fry recently reiterated on the reasons why he doesn't believe in God on 'Meaning of Life’, an Irish TV program. When he was asked what he would say to God, if he were to arrive at the gates of Heaven, the actor held nothing back. A well known atheist, Fry called the Christian God “evil”, "capricious", "mean-minded" and “stupid” and asked why he would create a world that is “so full of injustice and pain”.

Gay Byrne, the show’s host, wanted to know what Stephen Fry would do if he did meet God after his death even though he doesn't believe in him. Fry, who goes on to say that he would prefer the Gods of ancient Greece, responded;