Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alzheimer's Test Brain Teaser - Find The Missing Letters and Numbers

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Atala and I watched one of the Oscar award winning movies that had to deal with Alzheimer's Disease. Titled Still Alice, the film was about a language professor who develops an early onset form of the disease when she was just 50 and in her prime, family wise and in her career too. Expecting her first grandchild, her son about to graduate medical school, and touring the world as a top speaker in her field, it is a punch in the gut when Alzheimer's comes knocking.

The film got us thinking and talking of ways to keep the disease and other memory loss conditions at bay as one gets older. Not that there's really much one can do if it turns out to be genetic. But otherwise, brain teasers are encouraged, and I bring you one below. Try it out and tell me how you do...