Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gladiators.. We Finally Get Our Olitz Happy Ever After!

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So in an alternate universe of Olivia's imagination, she gets married to Fitz and all the Olitz shippers let out a a sigh of fulfilment. I'll just let the pictures finish the story. Feel free to oohhh and ahhh to infinity. I know I still am.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Discovery Channel's Anaconda Special 'Eaten Alive' On Twitter For Failing To Deliver

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For weeks, the Discovery Channel had been heavily hyping a special tagged, Eaten Alive, as part of their Mega D Week. In the episode, wildlife chaser, Paul Rosolie and his team were reported to have gone searching the Amazon jungle in hopes of finding a snake that was big enough to eat him.

Supposedly, they found an Anaconda, and in the episode, we're supposed to see the dramatic moments where Paul is swallowed alive by the giant snake. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. I had other shows but had the show scheduled to watch today. However, I just went online and twitter reaction to the show means I'll not be doing so. Check them out!