Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jill Scott Leaked Photo - Singer Responds With Message For Haters And Fans

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Singer Jill Scott is one of many who has been targeted by hackers and found a few of their private photos making the rounds online. Not surprisingly, she’s quite upset about the situation.

Though Jill Scott brushed the leak off last night when she admitted that at least one of photos featuring her in a robe is real, she says the other images making the rounds on social media are fake.

It seems her comments stirred a negative reaction, and Jill Scott has again decided to address the matter. Check out her tweets below...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jill Scott Says One Leaked Photo is Real - Was Documenting Her Weight Loss Journey

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After Jill Scott was targeted by hackers, there are a couple of pictures making the rounds on Twitter that are supposed to be of the singer and actress. But was she really hacked or could those possibly be the work of photoshop?

It appears Jill Scott is really a victim as she has confirmed that the picture above is of her.

Luckily for Jill, she is not fully nude and says the picture was to keep track of her weight loss journey. Her figure is banging for sure! For those that thought the Essence cover was spanxed or photoshopped, that was actually her hard work paying off.

See her tweets and the full picture below.