Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Do Married People Cheat On Their Partners? 3 Abuja Residents Open Up

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Here is an interesting report by News Agency of Nigeria, NAN where some married people in Abuja identified some of their reason for cheating on their spouses. There were two men and one woman, and while the woman said her reason was to make some more money, the men said their infidelity stemmed from careless lust and emotional incompatibility respectively.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Abuja Resident Narrates Eye Witness Account of Abuja Bomb Blast at EMAB Plaza

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An Abuja resident who had a friend as an eyewitness at the scene of the EMAB Plaza bomb blast narrated her account of the fatal explosions on Twitter. Tweeting from the handle @LuchyLuccious, she explained that there were several fortunate incidents that meant that less people lost their lives. She said;

“The bomb blast was from a Red Volkswagen Golf. Driver and passenger parked between Banex and Emab, ran out and moments later, explosion occurred.
“Met this guy that helped pack bodies. According to him the car with the bomb couldn’t get into the plaza, because a learner blocked the entrance of the plaza. The driver of the said vehicle parked at the exit and took off in a waiting power bike.”

Read her tweets in the storify below;

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Central Business District, Abuja - Picture Weekend

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I lived in Abuja for just over six years, from July 2000 when I arrived for my youth service to September 2006 when I left for further studies in Scotland. It was the city where I spent the longest part of my adulthood, and where a lot of who I am today was formed. It's probably the only other place in addition to Seattle and Asaba that I consider home.

The last time I was in Abuja was in December 2010, I was there for the Infusion reading organized by Lola Shoneyin. It was a lovely time spent meeting new people, hanging out at some of my old haunts, revisiting some old friends, and generally chilling and fooling around with my sister.

As it was my first visit to Nigeria after a couple of years, I also ate voraciously of everything I had missed. As you can see from my cheeks and arms, I added like 10 pounds within the first week, LOL. But this post is more about the city itself and some the pictures I was able to capture for the time till I visit again.