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Watercolor Prints are in - Here's why

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Chi Chi’s stunning new watercolour print dresses have been designed in house and are set to make a big splash this summer. The blue watercolour hue combines with a stunning floral design to deliver a dress that is chic, timeless, and trendy, befitting for so many special summer occasions. People often overlook watercolour prints, but here’s why they’re just what you need to set the tone this summer. 

Unique pieces that celebrate your style and shape are just what you need. They inspire confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in your body, which is what fashion is all about. The design team at Chi Chi London has put a lot of time and effort into creating stunning watercolour dresses, and we look at some of the reasons why they’re creating such a hype in the lead up to summer. 

What’s the inspiration behind watercolour? 

Behind any new dress is a source of inspiration. Designers look to catwalks and seasonal print trends to get the creative juices flowing, and this is often the birth of a new idea. Sometimes a simple walk through a shopping mall or a dog walk through the woods can be enough to inspire a new idea, and the multitude of colours in the natural world can make a world of difference to a designer’s palette. For instance, the stunning colour scheme emitted when the sun flows through a stained glass window is something to behold and could be the source of inspiration for so many gorgeous designs. 

How to choose complementing colours? 

Once a designer has a general idea in mind about what a dress could look like, it’s time to settle on the colour scheme. The key thing here is to identify colours that naturally complement one another while staying true to the themes and emotions you’re trying to evoke. Watercolours tend to give off ethereal and delicate vibes and produce a simple yet effective colour palette for designers to work with. Choosing a watercolour palette allows designers to get the most out of saturated brights and diluted hues to create a subtle upgrade on heritage floral offerings. There’s also something beautiful about softening the tie-dye effect, which facilitates the creation of artistic techniques that produce a stunning watercolour palette. While every designer is different, artistic expression and creativity are central to the design of a new dress. 

How to create the perfect watercolour design? 

Defining the colour palette is only the start of the design process. Designers then look to computer-aided manipulations and hand-painted florals to create a unique design. Working with different mediums also helps with photographs, filters, brushes, and colour techniques, all contributing to the final design. In fact, experimenting with different mediums is fundamental to achieving those beautiful hues that a watercolour dress is renowned for and is one of the reasons that such a stunning final outfit is achieved by designers. 

No matter the occasion or event this summer, you can’t go wrong with a stunning watercolour dress. Whether you’re attending your friend’s wedding or heading out for a summer bunch with the girls, Chi Chi’s watercolour collection ensures you will turn heads for all the right reasons the moment you step through the door.

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