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5 Reasons why Saree are the best pick for the festive and wedding season

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Indians have always prided themselves on their culture. Saree is one of those classic cultural outfits, and women have worn it in India for ages. There are unlimited outfit choices for her to choose from when it comes to the bride, but a beautifully draped saree with traditional jewelry is the most exquisite. Also, it is compatible with her culture. Even though the fashion of wearing traditional sarees has gone down a bit in the past few years, it is making a cultural comeback. Several Bollywood brides opt for a saree on their big day rather than the usual lehenga. Since those ladies are the trend-setters, sarees will probably be the trend this festive/ wedding season.

If this was not enough to convince you to choose a saree this festive season, here are a few more reasons that'll do the trick. Keep an eye out for them and watch the magic happen. 

1. Endless Unique Collection

Everybody wants their outfit to be unique and set apart from all rest. Sarees offer you just that. The endless variety in materials to design every saree is a new possibility. From Banarasi Silk Sarees to Kanjeevaram Saree from Tamil Nadu, our culture has provided an unmatched dialect, even in clothing. There is an endless pool of elegance to choose from, from cotton sarees to silk sarees. You could choose a Kanjeevaram traditional saree, which originates in Tamil Nadu, woven from pure Mulberry silk thread. 

The sarees have a natural grace and elegance to them. To complete the aesthetic, the sarees have a characteristic gold tinge. Kanjeevaram also crafts religious motifs based on legendary tales and temples. A Kanjeevaram saree's pallu is usually a contrast hue, adding extra flavor to the drape's texture.

2. Experiments with Blouses

Every Saree can become something entirely different if the blouse is experimented on. Gone are the days when the spotlight in a saree was the saree itself. Nowadays, designers put creativity on the blouses. Blouses have a lot to offer, from long-sleeved blouses to puffed sleeves or sleeveless. A different blouse completely changes the look of a saree. From high neck to round neck or halter neck, the entire look of the saree can be altered with one choice. This variety is rarely available and permits reusing Sarees without repeating the same look.

3. Those Traditional Jewelry need Traditional Sarees

Traditional jewelry looks best on traditional Sarees. From Kundan Jewelry on BIkaneri Sarees to Pachchikam Jewelry on Gujrati bridal wear or Jadau Jewelry. These traditional jewelry pieces always look best paired with traditional Sarees, and it's time to take them out this festive wedding season.

4. Different Draping Styles

There is always a more innovative draping style than the last one for Sarees. Draping your saree, giving it a flare of a lehenga while the 'pallu' is still a part is a mix of the traditional and the modern and exemplifies the look of the Saree. There are numerous methods to drape your saree, from wearing a double saree to a Gujarati-style front pallu wedding saree. While the dupatta drape in a bridal lehenga adds all the charm, you can always play with many layers of fabrics in a saree. You can also arrange your blouse differently, and of course, you may wear a dupatta over a wedding saree.

5. The Sustainability of a Saree

The youngsters of this generation are asking the hard questions, and one of those questions is how we can be more sustainable in our clothing choices? One of the most important answers to this question is not catering to fast fashion and only purchasing clothing items that could be worn multiple times. Sarees are a brilliant choice for being sustainable. With its multiple draping styles, blouses, and jewelry, the look of a Saree can be changed with one change in the outfit. This makes reusing sarees extremely easier, thus making us extremely sustainable.

These were five reasons why it's time to bring Sarees back into the trend for this wedding season. Sarees are a great investment this festive season, for now and for the future. So, invest in them before it is too late. 


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