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Handle Disagreements on Décor and Design as a New Couple

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When you're moving in with your new significant other, there will inevitably be disagreements on decor and design. This post discusses the best ways to handle these disagreements so that both of you can have a say in what your home looks like.

1. Talk About the Bigger Picture First

It's essential to set an overall goal and tone for your home before you begin decorating. If possible, sit down with your significant other and discuss what kind of home you want to live in together. Where do you see yourselves living in a few years? Do you think it is essential that both of your styles and tastes are reflected in your home? You can then move on to more specific design decisions, such as paint colors, sliding door hardware, and the decor you need.

2. Pick a Room and Make Decisions Together

Instead of making all the big decisions about what color to paint the walls at once, pick one room together and start small. Discussing which style of decor you both prefer and what elements of that style would work best in the room is a great way to find common ground. For example, if your significant other likes modern styles with clean lines and a little color, think about introducing some warm colors into the space for a more romantic life and welcoming feel.

3. Ask Your Significant Other About Their Favorite Decor Pieces

Does your significant other have any decorations or accessories that are particularly special to them? Ask where they got the item, how long ago it was acquired, and find out if a particular memory is attached. If so, you can use the clue about their favorite trinket and incorporate it into the decor in another room or accessory. For example, if your significant other tells you that they bought their favorite pillow at a summer festival five years ago, why not try bringing the same style pillow into the living room for an extra special touch?

4. Consider Your Partner's Perspective

Keep in mind that decorating can often be an emotional matter to many people. If your significant other is trying to express something about themselves through the decor in their space, consider using the decorations and accessories to build on that mood. For example, if they seem anxious or stressed out while discussing certain decor decisions, try creating a more mellow atmosphere for them by hanging calming paintings or plants.

5. Keep Things Simple and Stay Patient

Sometimes, the best way to solve a decorating dilemma is by going back to basics. Try choosing items that complement each other and leave out anything that seems too busy or cluttered. In addition, it can be helpful not to let disagreements on decor affect your relationship with your significant environmental partner.

If you have different tastes in decor but respect why the other person likes what they do, you can find a middle ground together. This can include making compromises on the paint color for the walls or agreeing to disagree on specific items. By keeping things as simple as possible and staying patient with each other, you'll be able to resolve decorating disagreements quickly and move forward from those clashing tastes in decor.

6. Keep Things Spontaneous

While there are some things you can plan for your home, like the color of paint on the walls, it's also good to keep things spontaneous by throwing in unique decor items. This could be anything from returning to that summer festival with your significant other to picking up another pillow like their favorite one or finding something special at a flea market. Taking an occasional trip together is a great way to grow closer with your significant other and add some novelty into the mix of your decor.

7. Try Something New Together

Incorporating new elements into your home doesn't always have to happen through actual decor pieces. Sometimes, you can try out something new in your home by simply trying a new activity as a couple. Whether that means watching a horror movie for the first time or cooking your favorite meal together, those kinds of experiences can help you learn more about each other and discover new interests.

Decorating disagreements are something that many couples face at some point in their lives together. By understanding why your partner might like certain decor pieces and looking at the situation from their perspective, you can resolve those disagreements quickly and move forward with a more unified sense of style.

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