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How to Start Conversation about Polyamory with Your Partner

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Monogamy is the traditional way of being in a romantic relationship and the one more widely accepted in society. As common as it may be, people are becoming more aware of the other possible options to be in a relationship. One of those paths is polyamory.

If you have become interested in exploring a polyamory relationship, you must first discuss it with your partner. Starting a conversation might be tricky, and it might take your partner some time to understand. However, if you want to have a polyamory relationship, you must receive explicit consent from your partner. Therefore, here is a brief guide on how to start this conversation.

Honest Communication

To start a conversation on this topic, explain clearly your wants and needs to your partner. Explain what polyamory relation is and how it works. Explain to her how the boundaries work and how you want the boundaries in your relationship.

If you are single, you must discuss the boundaries and be honest about how you engage with other partners. If you hide your relations, your partners might get hurt if they find out. Therefore, it is wise to be transparent to have a successful polyamory relation.

Explain the Reasons

What drew you towards a polyamory relation? Was it something you saw on TV? Have you read about it in a book or magazine? Or have you seen a polyamory couple that made you interested in trying it out?

Whatever may be the reason, reflect on it. Consider what it will feel like to be in one. There may be occasions when it becomes difficult to balance or prioritize your relations. When you find an answer, explain them to your partner. Your honest explanation will help your partner understand your perspective, and she might become interested in it too.

Jealousy Issues

Jealousy is a common emotion in a romantic relationship. Your partner might find it hard to accept polyamory relations due to jealousy. However, it is a natural emotion, and you can experience it in a polyamory relation too.

The solution here is to accept and acknowledge that jealousy. You and your partner can discuss this issue and find out what fears may be behind that feeling. Decide how you can deal with that. Sorting this out may make it easier for your partner to accept this kind of relationship.

Research Together

This is a rather new and unconventional style of relation, after all. What you can do is unlearn the age-old learning of monogamy. It may take some time and effort, but eventually you will succeed.

You can explore more of this relationship together and learn. Read more books on polyamory relations – how to make or maintain one. Learning together can reduce a lot of confusion you two may have. As you understand more, you will soon become comfortable with the subject.

Final Thought

Getting explicit permission from your partner and building to understand the subject will help you a lot to have a healthy open relationship. With support from your partner, you will be able to be freer to explore more of yourself.

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