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Different types of photography for career options

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Photography is a widely expanding field that is evolving as a career as well. Photography is usually considered a unidirectional path, but in reality, there are different fields and types in photography. With the advancement in technology, gradually more photography fields are emerging. 

If you have a passion and interest in photography and want to opt in as a career choice, there are a lot of different genres of image capturing that you can enjoy. This is a very flexible field as there are no specific benchmarks for photography in any genre. You can use any sort of equipment, any camera and you can capture images in your style.

There are many options in photography from which you can choose. You can also go for more than one option according to your interest.

Candid photography

This type captures unintentional poses and moments quietly, making the picture very valuable. Candid photography captures the real moments and therefore represents the actual feelings of people at the time. Most photographers choose this field as you do not ask the subjects to be ready, but be ready yourself and capture the frame at the right moment.

Event photography

Event photography is one of the most common choices of people stepping into this field. It includes wedding photography, birthday photography, and many other events. People earn a handsome amount of money in this genre as even photography is becoming a trend these days in the young generation. 

Wedding photography services Kauai hi and other such platforms are providing such services online which can be a great guide for you for how to handle this service online.

Commercial photography

This kind refers to the photography done for commercial objects and products which are either for marketing purposes or to be used on social media. Since social media is a big competition for people and to sell their products there and beat the competition, people invest a lot in photography these days.

Art photography

Art photography refers to capturing paintings and drawings for either magazine purposes or social media campaigns etc. For this kind, you would need a camera that precisely captures every dot of the painting without messing with the colors. Metallic photo prints Fort Worth tx is also an online platform that deals with this kind of photography. Survey such online platforms to find what sort of services they provide with it and what charges should you start with.

Drone photography

This kind involves a drone camera which helps you capture sceneries and moments from above. This genre has also increased in popularity in the past few years and is a big requirement of clients these days. You can combine it with other kinds such as event photography, and provide amazing deals on your platform which attracts more clients.


Photography is an emerging field with a long list of genres for you to choose from. It is a great career choice if you have an interest and the right knowledge for it.

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