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5 Tips To Have Better Sex by Focusing on Female Pleasure

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Sexual pleasure is often an uncomfortable and taboo topic for women. Because it’s tough to talk about, many women internalize their difficulties and blame themselves for their inability to reach orgasm during sex. If you’re struggling to find pleasure between the sheets, you may benefit from a few extra tools in your intimacy arsenal. Here are five tips for having better sex by focusing on your own preferences.

1. Practice Self Stimulation

Often when you’re engaged in sex, you’re more concerned about your partner’s pleasure than your own. If you don’t have the time and space to discover your own sexual preferences, then you won’t know what you like. If you don’t know what makes you orgasm, then neither does your partner. Spending some time with yourself exploring your own body gives you the opportunity to learn which types of stimulation excite you most.

2. Seek Medicinal Assistance

If you’re unable to achieve satisfaction on your own or with a partner, there could be a medical reason for your struggle. In many cases, a lack of blood flow to the genital area prevents sensitivity, making it very difficult to climax. Don’t be afraid to discuss your concerns with your doctor and learn how a prescription external orgasm cream can help improve your sexual health.

3. Discover Your Erogenous Zones

The key to sexual arousal is sensitivity, and finding your sensitive areas is part of the fun. Special attention to parts of the body like the ears, breasts and neck often stimulates the female sex organs. Erogenous zones are not universal to all women, so don’t be discouraged if common foreplay activities don’t work for you. You just need to unlock your personal recipe for pleasure.

4. Go Slow

Quickie sex has a place in a hot and heavy relationship, but if you aren’t getting the stimulation you need, then you may get the short end of the stick in the passion department. Give your body time to build sexual tension and desire, so you’re ready and waiting for a release by the time you hit the bedroom. If your partner is closer to the peak than you are, don’t feel guilty about changing things up to slow them down. Communicate your need to take it slow and chances are, you’ll mutually enjoy your ascent to the peak of pleasure.

5. Extend the Foreplay

Foreplay describes the activity leading up to sex, and because most women don’t experience orgasm as a result of penetration, foreplay is very important to female pleasure. In the spirit of a slow and steady climb to arousal, you can initiate sexy time long before your clothes come off. Some effective tools for foreplay include:

  • Sexting throughout the day
  • A romantic and intimate massage
  • Adult toys aimed at clitoral stimulation

These strategies paired with your genuine desire for your partner will make sure you both enjoy a long and healthy love life.

Don’t let disappointing sex ruin your attitude toward intimacy altogether. Instead, make yourself a priority and use the tools available to you for enhancing your pleasure.

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