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What Are Some Good Ideas for a Playroom/Craft Room for Children?

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When you have children in your home, it is important to designate an area where they will play and use their toys without disrupting your activities. Hence, you have to come up with a creative space, a playroom, where they will spend most of their day creating and playing.

Designing a child’s playroom may be quite tricky. However, this article highlights some excellent ideas that you can incorporate in your child’s playroom to help your child enjoy their playtime and also make work easier for you when it comes to organization and cleaning.

Add some color to the room

Consult your children on their favorite color and paint it on the walls. This will set the perfect mood for them to play with their toys and friends. For example, you can paint the rainbow and other items that may also help them learn a thing or two. In addition, you can involve them in the paint job where you can draw some objects together on the playroom walls as an opportunity for you to bond with your children. Also, consider adding some colorful objects such as pillows. Pillows will bring in some style and comfort for your children to enjoy.

A Safe and Efficient Door

The door to your children’s playroom should be safe to use. Sliding barn doors are a good example of safe and exquisite doors. Barn doors bring along a fun environment into any room they are installed. Also, sliding barn doors are excellent space savers compared to the traditional hinged doors that swing open. A swinging door may occupy too much space in the playroom or hit some objects as you swing it open or even hurt your child as they play. Therefore, consider adding barn door hardware that will bring a modern and luxurious style to your child’s playroom.

Flexible Flooring Material

The floor material you use is very important. When selecting the perfect flooring material, you should make the following considerations:

  • Health of your children
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Water resistance, to mention but a few

Some good examples of playroom flooring materials include:

  1. Rugs - Rugs are easy to clean and help keep your children’s feet warm as they play
  2. Rubber Flooring - This is stain-resistant flooring. Also, rubber floors are durable and are non-skid, and therefore safe for your children.
  3. Hardwood Flooring - Hardwood floors bring a natural feeling to any room. They have a smooth and stylish finish that will be a bonus as a decorative feature to your child’s playroom.


A child’s playroom requires a functional storage space. Therefore, get creative with the kind of storage to add to the room. Consider the vertical space on your walls. You can add open shelves where you can store some of your kid’s toys and books. Also, get a large storage box where you can collectively store your child’s toys. This way, they can easily trace their favorite toys and also ensure that they keep their playroom clean and tidy. It is also important to teach your kids how to properly store their items. This will help them become responsible as well as save you a lot of time.

Items to Build on Their Knowledge

Add items such as a blackboard where they can scribble ideas and drawings. This will also prevent them from destroying the playroom’s wall décor by writing and scribbling on it. In addition, add a window seat where they can have access to natural light as they read their favorite book. Also, you can have an expert design a part of the playroom wall with the world map to help your children know the various continents and learn more about their own continent.

A Craft Table

This will help your children when they have to play some board games, organize some crafts, or even when they are using their drawing books. A craft table can be made out of natural wood, which will bring a sense of nature and make the room quite lively. Also, add a chair or two with comfortable and colorful pillows or cushions for your children to enjoy every time they decide to sit around the table.

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