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How to Choose Your Baby's Crib

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Baby cribs are the ultimate oasis that will give your newborn a place to grow healthy and learn. Baby cribs are an essential item in today’s modern world, but many specifications are overlooked when buying a crib. Like you, your baby also needs a comfortable place where they feel safe and can spend more time when they feel. 

Choosing the right crib should be one of your priorities since it is probably where your loved ones will spend their time for the next two years as they grow up. You shouldn’t just go to a retail shop and pick any crib that you think will be a tight fit.

Since you have several factors to think about, knowing where you need to start is essential. Through this guide, you will learn about the types of cribs, safety standards, others to give you the right direction and help you make more informed choices next time you plan to buy a crib.


Planning for your newborn from an early stage is always better to have an easy time after delivery. Your baby's crib should also be part of the plan since it is better to buy it when pregnant. The best time is also during the third trimester since you can know the gender of the baby and consider this factor in your purchase. The gender will influence the design, the colour, newborn baby clothes, and the accessories added to the crib to give the baby the best when it arrives home. 


Safety is an essential factor in baby cribs, and most significant manufacturers consider the guidelines issued by local authorities on consumer products. The safety standards are included in the cribs to ensure that parents purchase cribs up to code. Some of the essential factors in the crib that you should consider since they are straight from the regulatory authorities include:

Side Bars

The distance between the sidebars of any crib should be not less than 2-3/8". This distance is essential to protect the baby from slipping out of the crib or getting stuck when trying to get out. If you see a crib with headboard and footboard cutouts, you should avoid them since they are not ideal per the standards set. 

Clear Crib and Beddings

The crib shouldn't have other items such as animals, toys, blankets, or pillows. There should only be the bedding they will be sleeping on to avoid any hazards. Ensure it has a waterproof pad and the beddings are machine washable. 

Types of Cribs

Don't just look at the aesthetics of the crib but other factors, such as functionality. Here are some types of cribs you might like and consider in the future. 

Standard Cribs

Standards cribs are the most standard cribs and popular among every new family. They are long-lasting with all the essential construction elements with up to 4 fixed slats. They are perfect if you need something simple.

Convertible Cribs

They are popular since they offer the flexibility of growing with your child. They can transition from a crib to a day bed and even a full bed. Since they can work as a piece of permanent furniture, it is a good investment.

You can choose other types of cribs: bassinets cribs, travel cribs for your family trips with your baby, and mini cribs.


The type of baby crib you choose will also be dependent on your budget, just like the newborn baby clothes. If you are willing to spend a good amount on your baby's crib, it is always better to buy something that is versatile and offers more even after the two years of your baby sleeping there. 

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