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What Are The Most Interesting Hobbies Of NBA Stars?

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A hobby is an activity or interest that is done for enjoyment and typically done in one’s leisure time, and it is not a professional thing or something for pay. In other words, everyone needs a hobby, even players in the NBA.

Hobbies are important for many reasons such as, to get your mind off things that will improve your mental health, keep you productive, and act as stress relief. It is an activity where NBA players release all the pressure from their matches.

That’s why we decided to highlight some of the most interesting hobbies of NBA stars.

Chris Paul

Most people don’t know that Chris Paul is a really good bowling player. With every free time he gets, he and his family go bowling. This hobby is more than just a pastime for him as bowling is a great way to stay active, train muscles, and improve ball control, aiming, and concentration.

If you go to one of the several LA Bowling places, there is a good chance that you’ll find Chris, especially during the summer. 

Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez definitely feels very passionate about his hobby, which is why he made it at the top of our list. He is an intense comic book fan. So, he uses almost all of his free time reading comic books which is a habit that is stuck since his childhood. 

He also owns an impressive collection of thousands of rare and old comic books at his house. Many people call him a comic book nerd just because of his undivided love towards comic books and according to some source he is working on his comic book.

Pau Gasol

The former NBA player also has an interesting hobby. As he mentioned, having the right mindset is crucial for success in basketball, which is why he uses music to relax his mind. He loves his bass violin and shares a great passion for music. Gasol even played his bass violin with LA opera and he also creates his own music.

Transforming from NBA to Music isn’t something strange as we’ve seen many players who went through this phase. Most of them were not successful, but we’ll see how Pau Gasol progresses with his music.

James Johnson

James Johnson isn’t the player that you’d want a conflict with on the court. Many players don’t know that Johnson is a second-degree black belt in kickboxing. His kickboxing hobby is something he inherited from his parents which are also black belts in different martial arts.

He was so good at his fighting hobby that his father called him “Little Ali”. Kickboxing helped his NBA career by making him more agile than other players on the court, and it is something that he does every day.

 Rajon Rondo

You’ve probably never seen an NBA player skating? – Well, me neither. However, Rajon Rondo is a professional NBA player that loves to skate. This is something that he has done so ever since he was a kid, and he says that roller skating is a nice way to improve your balance and rhythm. 

He is so in love with his hobby that he skates after every single intense match, just to clear up his mind. Rajon has shown us his impressive skating shoe collection many times in the past, and he is very happy that he came up with something that will train him for the next match and enjoy his hobby at the same time.

Michael Jordan

One of the most successful NBA players of all time has more hobbies now that he is retired from professional basketball. However, his hobby is something you don’t want to have.

He almost had an addiction to gambling. He said that he enjoyed this hobby of his even though it transformed him completely. It was also rumored that Jordan once stopped playing basketball and reached early retirement just because of his gambling habit. 

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