Thursday, April 22, 2021

Does owning property make you more attractive when dating?

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As someone out on the dating frontline with a wishlist for your future partner, owning a home may not be something you immediately think to add amongst tall, funny, loyal and caring. However, research by CIA Landlord Insurance has shown that owning your own property does in fact make you more attractive!

The study revealed that men who own property are 57% more likely to get a match on Tinder than men who were not on the property ladder. And while women on Tinder receive an average of 60% more likes than men, women who own property further increased this percentage. Female property owners also receive 7% more matches than women who don’t own their own house.

The evidence is there - but what are the reasons why? What do homeowners offer us as a potential partner that a renter or someone who still lives at home may not?


The first thing that springs to mind is evidence of the ability to commit. A mortgage of course, is a huge financial commitment - probably the largest financial commitment a person will ever make. Purchasing a home may signal that this isn’t something an individual is afraid of, and is perhaps ready for something serious.

It also shows that a person has a sense of stability in their life. No fears that they are going to move away or flee the country at a moment's notice!


In a similar vein, home ownership is likely to project a sense of maturity - and who doesn’t want a mature partner? We all know the reaction that still living with the parents can get… Shocker. Owning a home shows that you’re savvy with your pennies and successful enough to have a stable income and get a mortgage. 

In short, it’s no secret that having your life together is considered a good thing - and owning your own home is a pretty good indication of this.


Picture this - you’ve turned up at your date’s house for a home cooked meal and you’re greeted with a handful of housemates. Perhaps you have to skirt past the parents in the living room. Kind of a mood killer, right?

The prospect of being able to have a date-night-in without the interruption of anyone else that you aren’t on a date with is surely a bit of a turn-on. Introducing yourself as the date for the evening to people you’re not sure if you’ll ever see again can get the night off to a bit of an awkward start.

So, if you are a homeowner, get it on your dating profile! Maybe even share some photos of your clean and tidy pad - and wait for those matches to come rolling in.


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