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Strange Things You Can Include in an Injury Settlement

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Deciding what to include in a personal injury claim can be a very daunting task. It is even harder if you have no legal expertise or experience. The insurance world is full of Insurance Adjusters who want you to settle for the least amount possible, even if it is not a fair settlement.

However, it may shock you to realize that you can make injury claims for the strangest of things.

Here are some of the strange things that you can include in an injury settlement.

What Are Some of the Strange Things You Can Include in an Injury Claim?

In an injury claim settlement, some of your obvious needs could be pain and suffering, medical costs, and lost wages. However, if your injury and recovery process leads to more inconvenience and losses, you are legally entitled to compensation in those spheres. 

1. Emotional Trauma

Accidents can not only cause serious physical injuries, but they can also result in severe mental and emotional trauma. Unlike physical pain, psychological injuries are hard to prove. This does not mean that you should not get compensation for your suffering. 

Getting injury settlement for your emotional trauma requires you to prove that you suffered emotional distress due to the accident. To establish this, you should seek treatment from a licensed mental health professional and keep detailed documentation of your diagnosis, medication, and your entire recovery process.

Some of the mental conditions that the law considers for personal injury include post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or disorders that involve emotions or mood, such as fear or phobia, anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorder.

Getting a professional lawyer will increase your chances of compensation for claiming PTSD in personal injury settlements

2. Lost Opportunities

Being seriously injured or in the recovery process can hinder you from your normal performance and limit your productivity. As a result, you could lose out on many opportunities. However, most people fail to include compensation for their lost opportunities in their injury claims.

Lost opportunities may include missed business meetings that would have resulted in profitable deals, scholarship opportunities, missing out on travel, missing out on educational opportunities, or even personal meetings such as family reunions or a loved one's funeral. 

Such claims may seem rather trivial and strange, yet, with the help of a good lawyer, they could earn you more compensation.                                                                                                                                                                  

3. Future Damages

Personal injuries have the propensity to cause you losses. These losses could either be immediate or long into the future. It's important to consider your future, particularly your recovery when negotiating for your compensation.

Strange as it sounds, you can include future damages in an injury claim. When doing this, you may want to seek medical advice and ensure that you document these losses in detail for them to be part of your injury settlement claim.

What Should You Do to Ensure You Get Compensation for These Injury Claims?

Here are some very important tips that will ensure you get the full compensation you deserve regardless of the claim.

1. Document All Evidence

Ensure you preserve all the necessary documentation from the actual accident at every point, all through your recovery process. Insurance companies will use the lack of evidence to deny you access to your rightful claims.

2. Seek Professional Legal Advice

To navigate your tough personal injury claims battle, you need a professional lawyer by your side. Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in dealing with exploitive Insurance Adjusters and will see to it that nobody shortchanges you. With the help of such a lawyer, you will get the proper justice and compensation you deserve.

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