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Can I Trust the Results of My Paternity Test?

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While paternity testing is important to determine the biological relationship between a father and a child, incorrect results would be devastating. The uncertainty that influences the need to take the paternity test requires utmost surety to have peace of mind and cast any doubt. 

If you have never been involved in a paternity test, there is a great deal of fear, anxiety, and emotion. The decision to take this test shows that you are courageous enough to know the absolute truth. Therefore, you need to clear most uncertainties that come with DNA results. 

We are going to clear this up step by step. See locations.

Common Mistakes and Frauds That Occur During Paternity Tests

First, you have to understand that certain mistakes during your paternity testing could lead to incorrect results. You have to be very careful from the beginning to avoid false results. Most reckless mistakes occur when using the home paternity test, where there is usually no witness or legal commitment to oversee the whole process. 

In most cases, partners swab their samples with those of other people, affecting the outcome of the test. Further, mistakes could also occur in accredited laboratories if the samples become contaminated in the testing process. 

Is Paternity Testing Near Me The Solution?

When deciding to conduct a paternity test, you should choose the most suitable facility regardless of your home's proximity. 

Most laboratories claiming to offer DNA testing services are ill-equipped and lack the right expertise to conduct such sensitive tests. However, they carry on with their public relations and advertise as quality facilities even without the proper accreditation. 

So, it is your responsibility to research the best facility that has accreditation from the relevant authority. 

Trusting your DNA results will depend on whether you trusted the facility in the first place, so it doesn't matter the facility's location, just go for the best. It would be better to determine whether the facility has the appropriate practitioners and equipment to catch fraud in the testing process and whether there may be chances of test tampering. 

So That’s All?

Trusting your DNA results will also be determined by what you know about the child and the relationship around you. In some cases, fathers have had to conduct paternity tests after suspecting that their brother or another close relative could be the child's real father. 

This situation could be more complicated since the results would match, mainly because of similar DNA genetics. In this case, it would be wise to let the testing facility know to determine the required DNA matching before they reach final results. 

Doubting the test results is common, especially for people who think that the whole process was a fraud from the beginning. That is why it's crucial to raise the alarm whenever you believe that things are not okay to avoid disappointments with your results. 

Incorrect results would mislead the concerned parties, most of whom do not notice. In case you still don't trust your paternity results, it's advisable to try a better facility if you don't mind the cost.

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