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7 Misconceptions about Nose Jobs that Hold You Back

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 There are a ton of misconceptions about cosmetic surgery that keeps people from living their best lives. If you want to feel the most confident you’ve ever felt in your skin, sometimes cosmetic procedures can give you your desired results.

“It is important to consider credentials, experience and patient reviews when evaluating surgeons,” says Raleigh plastic surgeon center Zenn Plastic Surgery. Vetting your plastic surgeon is the number one defense you have against faulty or even dangerous results.

Here are 7 misconceptions about nose jobs that could be holding you back from the nose you want.

1. All Rhinoplasty is Cosmetic

Some rhinoplasty procedures are a means to correct quality of issues. For instance, some procedures address the issue of deviated septums. Deviated nasal passages or septums is not merely a cosmetic issue. It affects the way people breathe.

Another issue that can be fixed surgically via rhinoplasty is enlarged turbinates as a result of extended bouts of allergies or sinus irritation. Without correction, this can negatively impact airflow into the nose.

Non-cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures are called functional rhinoplasty.

2. People Who Get Plastic Surgery Are Insecure

Not all people who opt for cosmetic plastic surgery are insecure. In fact there are plenty of confident people who decide to get cosmetic work done in spite of the negative connotations associated with plastic surgery in popular culture.

I would say that takes a pretty confident person!

It is true that some people get plastic surgery to “fix” things they feel insecure about. However, some recipients of plastic surgery just want a different look. And they are confident enough to go and get it!

3. It Sets A Bad Example for Children

While no one should promote plastic surgery to children, there is something to be said for teaching children that if they don’t like something, they have the power to change it.

This idea could be potentially comforting for adolescents who feel as though their appearance is immobile and fixed. It is totally fine to tell children that they can research whether or not plastic surgery is right for them when they are an appropriate age and fully developed.

Explaining plastic surgery to children in context is very helpful for keeping their expectations concerning the power of cosmetic surgery in check. Tell them that they may or may not grow out of their insecurities but that they should keep their chin up in the interim.

4. Everyone Will Be Able to Tell You’ve Had Work Done

Plastic surgery has come a long way since the early aughts! When plastic surgery is conducted by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon, you should not be able to tell if they’ve had any “work” done on their face.

Rhinoplasty can completely transform a person’s face. It is totally natural that people you knew prior to the surgery will notice the change. But if you are meeting someone for the first time after your procedure, they will not be able to discern whether or not you’ve had any work done on your nose.

5. Recovery is Really Painful

Just like practice surgery has come a long way, so has recovery FROM plastic surgery! Rhinoplasty is no exception. The recovery period for cosmetic rhinoplasty can be as short as an afternoon for some procedures.

It depends on the nature of the rhinoplasty, of course. But usually bruising and healing should be done within the span of just a few weeks. After that, there shouldn’t be many side effects

6. You Can Get Any Nose You Want

Some noses just won’t fit your face. The mark of any great plastic surgeon is the ability to tell their clients “no” when need be.

If a surgeon doesn’t think a nose will fit your face, you should trust their judgment. And there are SO MANY NOSES that just will never fit your face. Maybe they won’t look right, or maybe they literally, physically won’t fit on your face. That’s okay!

The point of rhinoplasty is not to become someone else. It’s to become a better you.

Ask your surgeon if you are curious as to what she thinks your limitations are. What can you realistically expect results wise? Some people have the “canvas” suited to more dramatic changes. Other people are not so fortunate, but your surgeon will help you find the look you didn’t even know you wanted.

7. All Nose Jobs Are Surgical

In fact, non-surgical rhinoplasty is quite popular! It is an outpatient procedure that is so minimally invasive that some providers even brag that you can return to work the same afternoon.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty sessions are also very cheap-especially when compared to traditional, surgical rhinoplasty.

But you should know that the results from non-surgical rhinoplasty does not last as well as surgical rhinoplasty. You are essentially trading convenience for longevity. It might not be the permanent fix you want, but a quick fix is nice, too!

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is very popular in the form of “nose fillers.” Nose fillers essentially add surface area to the nose to level out an uneven ridge. Some people fear that having a big nose disqualifies them from nose fillers, but this isn’t true: making the nose more even gives it a sleeker appearance and the illusion of being smaller.

And if you don’t like the results, they won’t last anyway!


In the hands of a competent and qualified plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is a realistic and affordable way to completely revamp your whole look. Getting your self-confidence back could be as easy as an outpatient procedure, and it doesn’t always mean making a lifelong commitment!

Plastic surgery has been associated with a lot of negative things like insecurity and vanity. But you only have one life to live: why live with a nose that you don’t like? The only good reason to get plastic surgery is for yourself and your health.

Life is too short to worry about what someone else thinks about YOUR nose.

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