Monday, September 28, 2020

Helping Your Child Thrive in High School

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As a parent, you want to make sure your child gains the best experiences they can throughout their school life. There are plenty of ways you can help as a parent to ensure that they thrive as much as they can throughout their school years, and below are some handy tips so your child can look back at high school in later years with a huge grin on their face. 

Get Them Involved in a Club 

Being in a club in school means making more friends, competing in healthy competition, and upping a particular skill. All of this means your child will be gaining great experience away from the classroom. A huge part of school is making friends, with many people finding their life-long friends in high school, so opening the doors for your child to meet new people will only brighten their teenage years. On top of that, they will appeal more to colleges if they take part in after school activities, so it is a win all round!

Give Them Room to Express Themselves

Being in high school is a crucial time in life where students discover who they are. Exactly who they are at this moment in time won’t necessarily be who they are a year or two from now. Still, it’s important for their self-development that your teen can experiment to discover themselves deeply. Make sure they know you are happy to allow them to express themselves, allowing them to become who they are meant to be freely. 

Get Them Thinking of Scholarships Early 

Is your child particularly talented in one area? Perhaps they are gifted at a sport? Getting them looking at scholarships long before applications begin means they will have more options to choose from. Have a look around for great scholarships that suits them. If they are a gifted athlete, is a place where your teen will gain the opportunity to be scouted by colleges. There are many different kinds which will suit your child’s passions and talents. The earlier you think about scholarships, the better chance they will have at getting the best one possible. 

Encourage Good Teacher/Student Relationships

When your teen hits their senior year and is thinking of applying to colleges, they will want positive references. If your child makes good relationships with their teachers, it will help the reference part of their college applications tremendously. Your teen is also more likely to receive handy advice if they maintain a healthy communication with their teachers. A quick word at the end of the lesson now and again is a great way of maintaining a positive relationship with their high school teachers. 

Talk to Them About School

Make sure you encourage conversation about school and what they have been learning. When they talk to you about what they’ve learnt that day, there is more chance that it will stick in their mind. Show interest, and you may learn from your child as much as your child learns from you!

Your teen may not always be open to pursuing everything the best way they can, and it is up to you to push them towards doing their best without being too over-bearing. In later years, your child will surely thank you for being a parent who made sure their high school years were well spent.

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