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How Do You Remove A Watch Strap Without The Tool?

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A watch is such an accessory that has a universal fan base. Its use is not restricted to anyone which makes it a popular jewelry type. And while the main device can last for years, the straps or watch bands tend to wear off and need replacement. Unfortunately, it is a costly affair to get them replaced at a store. 
The good thing is, this task can be conducted at home with a few simple steps. So, whether you are changing the strap because it has become time-worn or simply to alter its look, consider doing it yourself. You would be saving quite a few bucks!
And we are here to guide you in that very process.

Leather Watch Strap Removal

1. Settling the watch

Grab a soft towel or cloth and fold it evenly, such that the watch can rest on it. Set this down on top of a table or counter-top and drop the watch on the soft material. 
Make sure the face of the dial is in contact with the cloth, meaning it will be laid upside down on its face. The cloth or towel will cushion the exterior of the watch from any unwanted damage like scratches or nicks.

2. Locating the spring bar

A small metal bar whose ends can be depressed like an ordinary spring is called a spring bar. This is what holds the strap to the watch, so, look for it where the strap[gear s3 bands] appears to be attached to the watch.  
When you find it, you will see that the length of the bar is housed in a hole within the strap. The ends of the bar, on the other hand, stay securely nestled in the indentations present in the neck of the watch.
When you subject the two ends of a spring bar to some pressure, they contract. However, when the pressure is relieved, the ends go back to their original positions, elongating themselves. This principle keeps the bands fixed to the watch – the elongated ends stay rooted in the indentations of the watch’s neck until and unless pressure is applied to shorten them. 
Once shortened, the bar ends are no longer inside the cavities and the band along with the bar is free to be moved.

3. Separating the band from the watch 

Now that you know how the spring bar works, it is going to be easy to understand how this step can be carried out.
Generally, a fork-like tool called spring bar tool is used to do this. The head of the tool is wedged between the band and neck of the watch where they are joined. From there, the tool is worked in such a way that using mild pressure, the bar is pressed away from the watch. 
As you can guess, the ends get depressed and the bar shifts down, away from the watch. After this, you can easily free the band from the watch. Also, working the tool on only one end is enough to get the job done.
Now, we promised we would help you do this without a tool and we are going to stay true to our words. Instead of a spring bar tool, go grab a flat-head screwdriver of suitable size, preferably one that is small. In fact, any instrument that looks like a small flat-head screwdriver will work. 
Use the same technique that was used with the spring bar tool. Some people even use paper clips to press and exert pressure on the spring bar end and then manoeuvre it away. 
Just make sure the tool you use is small enough as it needs to be able to reach the narrow space between the band and watch. Also, remember to be gentle and extremely careful no matter what tool you use; you do not want to nick or scratch your watch’s exterior, ruining its appearance altogether.
If you have no tools nearby, you may use your hands and fingers as the last resort. However, it will be a tough job, taking up an insane amount of time and effort on your part.

4. Taking out the spring bar 

With the bands separated from the watch, proceed to take out the lone spring bars lodged inside each of the bands. For this, you can just use your hand to push them out of the straps. It is an easy enough task and once you are done, store the bars safely till you are ready to attach the new straps to your watch.

Metal Watch Band Removal

1. Identifying the type of fitting

Your metal watch bands can be linked to the watch with the help of spring bars or screws along with the bars. To identify the style of fitting, study the lugs that are located on each side of the bands (where the bands are linked to the watch).
Any small holes near the edges of the lugs indicate the use of screws and bars for joining the watch to the bands. Their absence obviously indicates that only spring bars have been used. 
The last thing you need to look for is ‘end caps’ on the bands. These extend out from the ends of a few bands, in the shape of wings that are metallic. The lack of an even end indicates the presence of such end caps.

2. Removing the screws

This is only for those watches and bands that are connected with the help of screws.
Take a screwdriver (or another instrument) of suitable size, like a flat-head watchmaker’s screwdriver and place it inside the holes you identified earlier. Make sure you have securely positioned it on the screws before you start unscrewing in the anticlockwise direction. Do not rush because this task needs your full attention and care.
With the screws gone, take out the spring bar that holds the band and watch together. You will most likely be required to take out the screws on the opposite end so the bar can be prodded out. 

3. The method for bands with end caps

If your band seems to have end caps, you need to employ the same technique you would use to separate a leather strap from a watch. The caps are connected to the band and watch with the help of the bar. Once the spring bar is gone, the caps are no longer fixed to them. 
Store the bar and caps safely till you need them again.

4. The method for spring bar band

For metal bands[hemsut watch bands] that are connected to the watch with only spring bars, you need no special tools or techniques. Just carry out the steps for the leather watch strap removal and you will be done!

We hope this has been helpful enough and you get the work done without any trouble! 

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