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Bilingual Marriage Challenges for Married Couples

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Marriage is already a huge responsibility that many people, even to this day, run away from. You would find them accepting of long-term relationships but not settling down for marriage because of the commitment issues that come with it. Amidst all of that, let’s say you do want to get married, but the one you fell in love with is from a whole different realm of the world.

According to a recent poll on The Economist calculating the Eurostat, an approximate of 8% of all European marriages are with a foreign-born spouse. In the same contextual background, an estimated 30% of all European immigrants say that they moved to a different part of the world, given they found a likely spouse and settled for the best. Asia’s far end has seen a surge in such immigrants as mix marriages around Japan and South Korea increase by 4 to 7% in the last decade. These figures do give hope to our potential love birds reading this post that bilingual and cross-cultural marriages can actually work.

7 Effective Ways You Can Overcome the Obstacles of Marrying Someone with a Language Barrier
Therefore, here we have compiled an easy to follow list that will surely help you bridge the language gap between you and your spouse and create a more harmonious relationship over time.

Love has no language
Love is a feeling. Even before two people can exchange two words as simple as their names, the feeling has already traveled through eyes and manifested itself in the heart, making you feel all warm inside. Yes, it can be agreed that it all sounds very fantastical right out of a Disney movie and cheesy. However, not just by how it is portrayed in fantasy movies and novels, love really has no language. It is a language of its own that can be spoken through eyes, the feeling in your heart, and through how much care you have of the person if it is not just a timely infatuation.

Learn each other’s native language
The best way to break the barriers that you have is to each take a step forward and make the other person known that you are interested in learning more about their culture, their cultural influences, traditions, and, most of all, their language. It is not about learning a new language to enhance your skills, but the focus here is to make your partner happy and make them feel important enough to you that you are willing to make such an effort. This decision need not necessarily be one-sided and can easily be a mutual one. You don’t have to work the hassle of getting enrolled in separate classes and can easily use many linguistics apps available to aid your situation.

Come to a mutual decision
Love is such a strong feeling that it has been attributed to making people think less and feel more. It is why people strongly rely on their emotions than rationality to make such decisions. However, when the reality of the situation hits, you know there is no turning back but to do whatever it takes. One such situation is finding yourself in a bilingual marital circumstance, that too out of love. Now to make the most of the situation, you both can have a sit down conversation about the strong points of your relationship. Instead of focusing on what your couple lacks, try working out your strengths. Coming to a mutual decision about how you can make things work and how your situation could have been worse is a great way to bridging the gap in general.

Discuss different situations
Now that you are already at that stage where you will be discussing things related to your future make sure to discuss different situations and scenarios. For instance, supposedly, one of the two associated families decides to visit for the holidays. So decide how you will communicate with them. You can use essay editing service UK to help you edit your letters in each other’s language. As well as what would be your approach in communicating with each other, this leads us to our next point.

Never make your spouse feel left out
It should be one of the major ground rules you both should set for your household that is never to make your spouse feel left out. Taking the example from above, if one of your families is visiting and you are undoubtedly aware that communication will become a barrier, then always keep your spouse in the loop. Even if it means translating each and every single thing being said around the house, bring about books, use the internet to your advantage for translations and ask your family to respect the other significant culture of the house so that nothing goes haywire.

Acceptance of culture and other norms
Many times when we openly accept our love for the other person, we may have underlying resentment towards their cultural background that may not come up to the foreground until we no longer can keep it in. Thus, the best way is to try and accept them on your own. If talking about it help then sure do but not unless you are willing to listen to what the other person has to say about it. Otherwise, le your love shine through and kill whatever grudges you might be harboring about their native land due to any historical background.

Make a journey
Lastly, budget out a vacation and plan a travel journey. Visit each other’s native lands before you embark on a journey of mutual living and finding a middle ground. Not only will it help you see a more candid outlook on their life but also answer questions like why they do things the certain way that they do, what habits stem from what cultural norm, their traditions, festivals, etc.

In Conclusion;
It is safe to say that the will to make it work is the core element that will actually take you through. Any relationship is difficult if you give up on it and are not planning to work it through with your significant other. Thus, do the required and never give p on true love when you find it even if it is from the other part of the world.

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as an Editorial Manager at Crowd Writer, UK’s favorite essay writing service providers. Having worked under bigger corporate, editorial teams, she has gained significant experience over time. She gives marital advice and does personal life counseling as a part-time hobby. You can read about her experiences and opinions on her blog at Word Count Jet.


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