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How to Use Digital Tools to Remember and Celebrate Your Long-Term Relationship

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As humans, we thrive on relationships, and that is why we always want to remember the good times as these connections continue to grow. Luckily, in this increasingly digital age, you’re connected more now than ever. With apps and tools, we can celebrate our love for the world to see — or not — whichever way you prefer. Let’s look at some neat apps and fun ideas for celebrating your long-term love.

Digital Scrapbooks

Some people say that we are too obsessed with our phones and taking pictures, but there are so many sweet memories in life, and in our relationships, that they must absolutely be captured so we can remember the good times and even the adverse ones. The photos that we share on social media perfectly capture the love that you and your partner have created, so celebrate them!

Even if you take most of your pictures with your cell phone, you can still print them out and decorate your living space with your memories by taping them up, framing them, or even using them to resurface a table or desk. You can also display your photos in a digital picture frame that allows you to connect your phone or a memory card so you can see an endless stream of photos.

There are also many apps that allow you to create a photo collage right on your phone. Apps like Pic Jointer and Scrapbook Collage Maker let you pull your romantic photos from your phone or social media and group them together on a variety of fun frames and backgrounds. Once they are perfected, you can export them to your social media profile or show them in your digital photo frame.

Romantic Apps

In this digital world, many couples in long-term relationships will want to stay connected on a more personal level, and many phone apps allow you to do just that. If you like to send romantic messages, then the LokLok app lets you write a romantic message on your screen that will then automatically pop up on your partner’s screen. The HeyTell app lets you do the same but with voice messages. These days, apps like this are especially important for staying connected, especially during the coronavirus and social distancing.

There are also many great apps that aid in keeping your long-term relationship interesting. When it comes to conversations, the Happy Couple app presents fun quizzes where each partner has to ask questions as you continue to learn about one another. Another fun app is The Ice Break, which also asks intriguing questions about relationships and life. Answering the questions provides “icebreaker” coins that you can spend on your next date.

Long-term relationships are full of trial and error, and there will be times where you argue. Luckily, the Fix-a-Fight app is there to help with advice on how to express your feelings and relaxation exercises that help you both calm down and get back to the good times. This is a great app that provides advice from a licensed psychotherapist.

Your Own Personal Social Network

There are some really cool apps out there that give you and your partner the personal space you need while also allowing you to share everything just between the two of you. The Between app lets you exchange photos, voice messages, emojis, and more. Another fun app is Wickr Me, available on iOS and Android, which also allows you to send texts, videos, and even PDFs. If you are forced apart by social distancing rules, then a video shared between lovers can mean everything.

In this digital age, some may worry that their loving messages and personal information are not secure. However, all it takes is a little research prior to download to ensure that the app is legitimate. On top of that, newer apps come with added security measures, like two-factor authentication, while apps like Wickr Me don’t even require an email to register.

These days, it is easier than ever to express your love with your significant other. Try these free digital tools and bring your relationship to the next level.

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