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The Best Dress Shirts For Men To Wear On A Date

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Are you wondering what to wear on an evening out with your girl to leave the right impression? Then, read the article to find out what can be your best choice when it comes to wearing a dress shirt. Just keep it smart casual and add a little bit of glamor, class, or elegance.
You must go for simplistic dress shirts when aiming to impress someone special. When shopping for a dress shirt, you need to wisely select from array of colors, fabrics, and designs. Choose what looks good on you regardless of brand and price tag. You can use fitting rooms to see what can work well with your physique and personality before you actually buy a dress shirt. Make sure the fabric is of high-quality. You can consider the following options:

Spread Collar Shirt

If you are searching around and finding something nice to wear on a date with a girl of your dreams, then you must go for a blend of casual and formal look to leave a right impression on her. You can invest in a high-quality spread collar dress shirt, which is something related to classy, modern, and elegant designs. It can be a balanced style for short men and universally ideal for men that have narrow oval or elongated face shapes.

It’s a great choice for its cutaway collar style and spread collar structure. Other than on a date, you can also wear this shirt on multiple formal and casual occasions. The spread collar shirt offers a balanced middle way to hang a statement tie around your neck if needed. This shirt goes well with tie knots, medium-large knots, and half-Windsor knots. If you are wondering what cuffs to pair with a spread collar shirt, then don’t you worry. I have got you covered here. For your spread collar dress shirt, you can either go for a straight cuff or a rounded cuff.

Band Collar Shirt

The band collar shirt is well-suited to wear on casual or semi-formal events. It is a perfect choice to wear on a date night. The dress shirt with a banded collar is like a shirt without a collar. Precisely, the band collar dress shirt is designed with a modest band of fabric.

The band collar shirt style was taken out by the traditional lines of the Far East. I won’t be wrong here to mention the mandarin or Korea. This type of dress shirt has to offer a characteristic and particular look. Since the band collar shirt consists of a single band (about 3cm high), which is buttoned on the front, it is great to provide you the sleek look you desire to make your dress up game strong.

This shirt encourages minimal styling and is an appropriate outfit for a special evening out with your girl. You can wear this shirt with or without a jacket/blazer. But, you cannot definitely wear this shirt with your statement tie. You don’t need to worry about this because a tie is not a must on your date. You are dressing up to impress your girl and not your boss or clients. Additionally, the round cuffs would be a great choice to enhance the shape of a band collar.

Wingtip Collar Shirt (Tuxedo)

A wingtip dress shirt can be your best bet if you are planning to take out your girl for a special occasion like on a romantic proposal night. The wingtip collar shirt comes under the category of formal styling. It is not something to wear on casual meetups. The wingtips of this collar shirt is picture-perfect for a bow tie. The wingtip collar shirt has to offer a very elegant, unique, and mannish style. This shirt is designed in a manner that enhances the small point length of your dress shirt. You can style your wingtip dress shirt for formal and exceptional ceremonies.

The wingtip collar shirts look good with a black, navy blue, and white silk ties. In case you are troubling to find the most suitable knots that can go with your wingtip collar shirt, then you don’t need to try multiple things. A bow tie is perfect to complement your wingtip collar shirt. It is best-suited to go with a wingtip collar, especially if it is made of silk fabric. Since the wingtip collars are the most formal ones, hence the deluxe cuffs are required to complete your look.  You can also pair it with French cuffs. 

Casual Button-Down Shirt

Some people argue that casual button-down shirts come under the category of dress shirts, whereas some people argue that they are not dress shirts. Well, the fact is that the word ‘casual’ refers to the flexibility with wearing and styling them. You can conveniently wear casual button-down shirts on multiple occasions. So pairing this shirt with a fine bottom can work well for you on a date. Your wardrobe should cover a basic collection of casual button-down shirts. A casual button-down shirt fits relaxed on every type of human body.

To get a perfect blend of formal and casual look, undoubtedly go for a button-down shirt and leave it untucked. That’s how you can wear this shirt on a date or to the bar on weekends. Interestingly, button-down shirts come in diverse range of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles. If you are someone who likes comfort dressing style and want to achieve the formal look at the same time, then you must go for a casual button-down shirt. It can exhibit the same comfort feel like polo shirts and t-shirts do. You don’t have to be creative when it comes to styling with a button-down shirt.

Dress rationally, and you are good to leave an impression on your girl. You can also opt for an oxford button-down shirt to wear on a date. John Brooks first designed it in 1896. This shirt is an instant classic made by thicker fabric and considered a casual take on the old-fashioned styling.

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