Tuesday, March 17, 2020

9 Fashion Tips for Summer 2020

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Warmer days are slowly returning, which means summer will be here before you know it. It’s the return of warm weather and long summer days, which means summer clothes as well. Summer is a great time to show all the fun and chic fashion trends. Maybe you like to incorporate a few new pieces every year, or you completely change up your wardrobe. Whichever the case is, read on to see 9 fashion tips and trends for summer 2020.

Short Suits

Short suits are a great alternative for your favorite blazer and trouser suits. They give you a professional look, while you don’t have to be suffering from warm weather anymore. Short suits fall just below your knee. If you think it will look childish, choose neutral colors like black, navy and beige and you can’t go wrong. Another perk of short suits is oversized pockets. Wear them with heels or flats.


Neon colors are back bigger than ever before. It’s all about making a statement and being bold. It’s not for the shy ones. But you can also opt for a neon accessory. Highlighter inspired dresses, shirts and pants are going to be a big trend. You can pair them with a neutral color like black, white and tan, for a balance. Or you can go for a full neon look and make a grand entrance wherever you go.

Racer Checkers

Another trend this summer that goes great with the neon trend is the racer checkered print. They will become one of the most defining and most-seen prints for 2020. It will span over dresses, jackets, shoes, bags, purses and other accessories. If you want to try the more classic look, just wear the classic black and white color palette.


Floral patterns are essential for spring and summertime, but now we will see more flowers on clothes than ever. It’s all about the floral on floral mix of colors and patterns. More is better, so we will see maxi dresses and shirts combining a floral pattern in different colors, and a half and half colored shirts. They are perfect for warm summer nights or days at the beach.

Chunky Shoes

Over the past few years you have probably noticed chunky sneakers and shoes on everyone’s feet, and this year it’s not going to be any different. The 90’s punk vibe is coming back in full force with chunky black shoes that are sturdy but chic. To make a contrast you can pair them with flowy flowery dresses, or just go in a full rock style.

Denim Dresses

The ’70s are also making a comeback with maxi flower dresses and now the all-popular denim dress. You will see short denim dresses, long ones, with short or longs sleeves. Instead of the old style with big hair and platform heels, you can pair the dress with sneakers for an effortless and chic everyday look.


White is a staple spring and summer color. It’s great for going to the beach, for a brunch, an evening walk, and almost any occasion. This year, white flowy dresses are combined with macrame details, delicate flowers, satin, and bows. It’s all about the natural, innocent look. You will find a lot of dresses with lace details, layers and beads. Pair them with ankle-high sandals or statement chunky shoes to create a balance.


Prints have been around for quite some time, and they are not going away soon. This season you will see retro prints from the ’60s and ’70s on all the fashion items. They bring major patterns and colors in a striking mix. Imagine the vintage wallpaper and couch prints from that era and you will see the new trend.

The flowing silhouettes and lively patterns are the symbols of the ’60s, and it was all about having fun with fashion. Choose a maxi dress with a colorful and abstract print for your staple summer piece and pair it with sandals. If you are interested in dresses and want a big selection, you can look up quality wholesale dresses for a great inspiration.

Tiered Dresses

Last year we saw dresses with a lot of tulle, so if you are into the big gown trend, this year you can find maxi dresses with a lot of volume. They have a tiered look but they are light and very delicate. They offer great volume and can be a big statement piece in your wardrobe. Just imagine ballerina dresses and skirts. Twirl all night and bring the drama to your next event or party. You can dress up skirts with a blouse and formal shoes, or dress it down with a casual shirt and sandals.

The fashion trends this year are all about patterns, loud colors and making a statement. Whichever trend you choose to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer, you will certainly make an impact. And remember to always have fun with fashion.

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