Saturday, February 15, 2020

Spice Up Your Sex Life Now!

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just like to try new things in the department of love and sex, there are many ways you can ensure you and your partner are loving every second of being together intimately. Here are four ways you can spice things up for you and your partner ensuring years of pleasure together.

Make Her Scream.

Women often do not achieve an orgasm as easily as males do and can even spend years of their life unable to achieve the full pleasure of an orgasm. If you or your partner are struggling to climax regularly during sex, consider looking at products that help women more easily orgasm. There are topical creams such as Scream Cream which when applied to the genital area help increase blood show, sensitivity and thus improve her chances of attaining an orgasm and sexual satisfaction each and every time.

Sex First, Please.

Plan your next date night and have sex first thing. While it is common to wait until the end of a date night to seal the deal, it can be hot and passionate to start the night out so connected. This will boost both of your moods for the rest of the evening and leave you ready for more fun together whether out and about or whether it’s another round of lovemaking.

Shop Until You Drop.

Make your next date or perhaps a pre-date shopping for sex toys together. Whether you patronize a local sex shop or utilize an online sex store to shop together, get excited and share your desires and fantasies together as you shop for items that will enhance your sex life together. Everything from vibrators to furniture to swings to lingerie or costumes, there will be endless items to laugh about and get ready for nights of pleasure together.

Position Yourself.

Every couple can find themselves in ruts about how they have sex so make it our mission to explore new sex positions on a regular basis. Buy a book or utilize the internet or porn to help you find different ways to make love from all the right angles. Before you know it you will have a handful of go-to positions that you will feel confident about and know will keep you asking for more.

The Way You Talk

Send a surprising text or sext to your partner during the day with a suggestive message about what you hope to do with him or her tonight. If you are really feeling brave, take a snapshot of a certain part of your body with a message about what you want him or her to do to it tonight. Before you know it you will be rushing home to devour each other and make good on your text message.
While it is easy to fall into boring routines and patterns of sex with your partner, there are so many ways to spice up your sex life that are quick and easy. Don’t let a stale sex life ruin your passion for your partner and try one of these ideas out tonight!

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