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Creative Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

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Everyone wants to make their special moments in life very memorable. Asking your girlfriend to marry you is a very special moment for you and your partner as well. It is a moment that you will remember even when you get old and it is a story that you will tell your grandchildren. You should think of ways that are unique to propose to your girlfriend. In this article, some ideas are discussed that are unique to propose to your girlfriend.

Use The Power Of Cuteness
Girls find cuteness irresistible and you can use that to propose to your girlfriend. You can pop up the question with the help of cute kids in your family or you could hire some kids to ask the big question for you. They can be holding out cards containing the different letters of the proposal. You can also use cute pets to carry the ring to her at the right moment. It is important to make the timing right in case of a proposal. If you are having a hard time finding the right type of ring for your partner you can look at engagement rings from They offer a very nice collection of rings. Engagement rings from are also priced reasonably and you can find the perfect ring to propose to your girlfriend from there.

Use The Element Of Suspense
You can use a well-planned scavenger hunt to propose to your girlfriend. It can be at the back of your backyard or you can use your neighborhood or a place that is special for you both to make the moment very special for both of you. Be sure to leave her relevant clues so it is easy for her to find. You can use your family members to give her the clues which make it even more special.

Proposing At A Family Dinner
A very good way to propose to your girlfriend would be to propose to her in front of you both your family and also her family. It is a very special moment for your family as well and if they are able to witness the moment then it would make the moment even more beautiful. It is important to prepare a nice speech before the big proposal. To get the attention you can plan to propose a toast and then start your grand proposal.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane
You can make a scrapbook where you can put important pictures reminding her of every important event that occurred in your relationship. You can leave a personal note with each picture to say to her something about how you felt at that moment. Gradually it would lead to the proposal. It is a very powerful proposal that makes your partner nostalgic and also reminds her why you guys are together. It would be a very emotional memory is a very romantic way of proposing to your girlfriend.

Sing Her A love Song
Music is connected to romance and it is a great way of proposing to your girlfriend. You can take the effort of writing the lyrics to the song that tells the story of your relationship and ask any friends or family members to play some musical instruments. It doesn't matter if you are not a good singer. The thought behind the song would be so beautiful that it would make the moment very special for you and your girlfriend. It is better if you can add an element of surprise and start singing the song when she is not expecting it at all.

Propose To Her At A Concert
If you both like bands then proposing to her at a concert would be the perfect thing. You can ask her suddenly when the band is playing her favorite song and it would be a very overwhelming moment for both of you. If she likes a grand gesture then you can get up on the stage and propose to her. This would certainly make the proposal very grand a very memorable as well. The crowd would also like it and she would be very overwhelmed by this gesture.

Propose To Her In A Photo Booth
A photo booth can be a very perfect place to ask her the big question. You can bring out the ring suddenly and her expression would be captured in the picture. It can be very convenient and years later that photograph would remind you guys of the proposal. To make the memory more special the family members can be waiting outside the booth to know her answer. It is a very creative way to propose to your girlfriend.

Take Her On A Vacation
A very grand way to propose to your girlfriend would be to take her out on a vacation. There would be many opportunities for you to propose if you take her out on a holiday. If the last few days had been hectic for her you can propose her during the later part of the vacation to first cheer her up and if she is in a pleasant mood then it would be a good idea to propose to her in the car or the airplane and you both can celebrate the holiday together and cherish the new life that you guys would be starting together.

Rock Wall Climbing
This is a perfect way to propose to your girlfriend if you both like extreme sports. You can ask her the big question when you both have reached the top. You can put the question on top of the wall or also ask the question when she comes back down. To take this idea to the next level you can go on a mountain climbing adventure together and you can propose to her when you both are on top of the mountain.

Jigsaw Puzzle
You can print a customized jigsaw puzzle for her that asks her the big question. It would be a big surprise for her when she finishes the whole puzzle and realizes that you are proposing to her. You can put the whole puzzle in a frame for later so you can remember the moment.

Propose To Her On A Merry-Go-Round
It is a good idea to propose to her while she is in a merry-go-round and you spell the words to her as she turns to see you. It can be mixed with an element of suspense for her. You can wait outside the merry-go-round with a ring in your hand and propose to her when she was still guessing what you said to her.

Use Technology
If you both like technology then you can use the power of technology to propose to her. You can make a website especially to propose to her. You can write about your feelings on the website and also use pictures and videos of you two together to give her a clearer message and at the end of the website you can pop up the big question so she can answer it.

Create A Flashback Movie For Her
You can create a movie that shows the journey that you have been through together by using pictures that you took with her. You can show the story of your relationship to her and at the end ask her the question and at the same time, you can present to her the ring.

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