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4 Reasons an Island Holiday is Value for Money

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Are you looking to go on a holiday where your rand stretches as far as the pristine white sand? Do you want to feel your stress melt away with every wave that gently kisses the sparkling shore? Or are you after an adrenaline-packed adventure to remind you of how good it feels to be alive?

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to any of the scenarios listed above, look no further than embarking on an island holiday. The thought of soaking up the sun on a luxury private island is often accompanied by dollar signs and the cha-ching of cash registers, but we’re here to do away with those imaginary visual & audio effects.

An island holiday is value for money and we’re going to prove it to you.

4 Reasons an Island Holiday is Value for Money

1. Island Holiday Packages are Plentiful 
One of the leading factors that make island holidays near unbeatable when it comes to value for money is the packages that are offered by the host island or resort.

Almost every island holiday package you’ll come across will include discounted bundle rates on return flights, airport transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and dinner as well as a boatload of activities.

On top of what already sounds like a sweet deal, some island holiday resorts will offer discounts for bigger groups. There may also be extras for couples celebrating their honeymoon such as a couples massage, romantic dinner and a complimentary gift.

2, They’re Jam-packed with Activities
Island holidays are renowned for the sheer quantity of things you’re able to do on one. Excluding the access to private swimming pools, spa facilities and gyms, a typical island holiday resort will offer you an abundance of activities.

These activities will almost always include:

  • Snorkeling 
  • Scuba diving  
  • Paddle boarding 
  • Dhow cruises 
  • Beach horseback rides 
  • Water sports 

On top of the available activities, a range of excursions such as tours around the island, wildlife walks & meeting the locals can often be found in the brochures of island holiday venues. 

3. Chances are, You Won’t Need a Visa 
The seasoned travelers amongst us will agree that visas are expensive, admin intensive and can sometimes take ages to be approved—that’s IF they are approved. But we have good news for you!

Some of the most popular island holiday destinations don’t always require visitors to obtain a visa, so long as they don’t plan on staying too long. These destinations include the likes of Mauritius and Madagascar as well as the islands that are scattered across Thailand, Brazil & the Philippines.

So, book an island holiday and save on the cash & stress that’s almost always associated with visa applications. 

4. You Don’t Have to Travel Far 
When you think of an island holiday, does your mind immediately drift to a place like the Caribbean like, well, driftwood? If so, you’re not alone as many people aren’t aware of just how many beautiful island holiday destinations line our African shores.

Some of the most popular (and most beautiful!) African island holiday destinations include:

  • Zanzibar 
  • Madagascar 
  • Seychelles 
  • Comoros Islands
  • Cape Verde Islands
  • Quirimbas    

By opting to spend your holiday on one of the stunning African islands such as those listed above, you’ll save on flight costs and travel expenses.

Final Thoughts 
See? We told you island holidays are synonymous with value for money and we meant it. We’ve given you 4 solid reasons that prove island holidays provide plenty of bang for your buck and we encourage you to book one soon so you can see for yourself. 

The beauty of island holidays is that they really do offer something for everyone. From family trips to girls’ weekends and from work retreats to romantic getaways—an island holiday caters to all kinds of situations. 

Do you want to relax on the beach with an umbrella-adorned cocktail in hand while you watch the world lazily pass you by? Or do you love to get your blood pumping in non-stop island activities? An island holiday can satisfy the needs of anyone.

Honestly, even if island holidays weren’t value for money, we’d recommend going on one anyway. You simply can’t put a price on the magical memories that you and your family are bound to make. 

What is your all-time favorite island holiday destination and why? Name drop in the comments section below!

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

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  1. This is beautiful. I think I might just try this with my faincee in our next vacation. Thanks for the tip.


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