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Best Free Dating Apps in 2019 for Different Ages of Life & Interests

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Finding love in life is something we all crave for, especially as we move further in our life. But just because we feel this need that we must find love, there’s also that necessity not to compromise. Each one of us has their personal interest in what type of person they are looking for and the interests change as we grow older. Thus, it can be quite hard to find the right person for you without sacrificing too much and at one point me might even give up to the need instead to what we truly want.

So it’s no surprise that in today’s age, dating apps are one of the most successful apps in the business. Although they are often criticized, there are many benefits to them, mostly that there are many apps that focus on specific interests like your sex preference, age and there are even dating apps for dog lovers. To help you out, we decide to cover a couple of specific apps that aren’t as general as Tinder for example.

Dig - For Dog Lovers

Since we mentioned dating apps for dog lovers, let’s start with that one. If you can’t imagine your life without having your best friend beside you and you’re looking for somebody who shares your view, Dig might be the app for you. Keep in mind you don’t have to own a dog to join the community. Besides searching people by location, you can browse people by what dog they have and even people who want to get a dog with someone. So no matter if you already have one or not, you can browse for people and possibly land a date. Why this is great is that you immediately have a topic to talk about when you match with someone. And what better topic than something you both truly care about?

One thing we didn’t completely like is that the app limits your choice to 5 people per day. Unlike with Tinder and other more famous dating apps, you can’t swipe dozens of people until you hopefully find someone you like. Instead, you type in your preference and get 5 choices per day. But this has its up-side since you’re getting the best choices currently for you.

2nd Crush - For Senior Dating

One group that often gets left out in this modern age are seniors. It just seems all the apps are created for young millennials. So we had to find something that would help people over find love and our search luckily brought us to a top 10 list of recommended apps for seniors we’d like to share.

Top 10 Dating Apps for Seniors

This list made our choice a bit easier since we didn’t have to download each app specifically and test it. Instead, we could get much useful information beforehand and pick out the best ones. Our final choice ended up being an app called 2nd Crush.

If you just came out of a very long relationship, it’s highly possible you feel a bit out of touch with how to find somebody new - and that’s perfectly ok. Since apps like Tinder are crowded mostly with people from 18 to 40 years old, it can feel demotivating to use these apps. 2nd Crush deals with that problem by offering dating service just for mature people. In terms of usage, the app is no different. You put your location, age and you start swiping. The key feature is that you’ll only stumble upon people closer to your age.

Just like the previous one, the choice is obviously more limiting than with mainstream dating apps, but don’t worry. This is because the app filters out thousands of people you’re not even interested in the first place. This way, you don’t have to waste time on somebody you know you don’t want to date and focus on the group of people where you next love might hide.

OkCupid - A Comprehensive Search for a Bit of Everything

Although we are aware the highly famous OkCupid doesn’t focus on a single specific group or interest, the reason we decided to include is the comprehensive filter options. Unlike simple swipe apps, there’s so many information you can include about yourself using the provided questions that it becomes so easy to pinpoint the right person for you. From age to if you enjoy eating pizza, with a bit of dedication, you can find anyone. So again, although it's not interest-specific, you can design it to be so and since it’s highly popular, there are many people you can check out. So if everything else fails and you don’t want to give up on what’s important to you, OkCupid is a good alternative to keep on searching.

Recently, OkCupid made a change to their messaging system and some people don’t seem to like it since it limits the number of messages you can send to a person is 1 until they like you back. But when you think about it, it’s a smart way to filter out annoying people who are ruining the experience for others.


These are our top 3 picks for specific dating apps. No matter if you enjoy outdoor camping or binging on Netflix, there’s a person who shares your passion to meet. The only important thing is not to give up.

We hope these apps will make it a bit easier for you to find the one you’re looking for and if you have any other similar apps to recommend, do let us know.