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Things to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be a mind-wrecking task. The wedding will be the biggest event of your life and if things don’t go well, you might regret it your entire life. If you want to plan the big day yourself, try to make a schedule first. A wedding schedule will help you figure out everything you have to do before the wedding. Here are a few things that you should consider before making the schedule.

Selecting a Date 

Decide on a month for your wedding before finalizing a date. Check for any religious or government holidays in your preferred month. Consider asking all the main guests if they have any conflicts with your preferred date. Also, keep pre-wedding traditions in mind before selecting the dates.

Be Flexible with Dates

It is good to have more than one date picked out before visiting possible venues and vendors. This way, if the good venues and vendors aren’t available on your most preferred date, you will have a backup.

Set a Budget

It's not a fun task, but it needs to be done. Figure out how much money you can spend before any plans are made. Falling in love with a dress, venue, or vendor and then figuring out that you can’t afford them is the last thing you want to go through! So, talk to your family or friends that might be chipping in and figure out a total budget. This will make wedding planning a little less stressful in the long run.

Make a Guest list and Pick a Venue

Start from your siblings and parents, then branch out. According to your budget, you should have a general idea of how many guests you can afford. With the guest list and dates in mind, you can search for the ideal venue. For added consideration, look for a venue that is close to hotels where out-of-town guests will be staying for convenience.

Booking Vendors

You will need to make bookings with a professional photographer, DJ, caterer, and baker for cake, among other things. For photographers, consider meeting with them beforehand so they can get to know you as a couple, which will make the photographing experience on the big day feel more natural. See if you can schedule taste test appointments with caterers and bakers so that you can feel confident in your choices! Ask your guests for any allergies and let your food vendors know. Make your bookings early so you won’t have trouble finding a good vendor.

Designing and Sending out RSVP Cards

Getting good wedding RSVP cards is not the easiest task. Do some research on different designs and formats on the internet, and consider asking your married friends to help you decide. Keep in mind that your guests will have to send them back to you, so make sure you mail them out a few months before the wedding.

Decide all the Outfits

Not only do you need a suit for the groom and a dress for the bride, but also you have to pick out colors and designs for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s suits. Book fitting appointments well in advance and ask the tailors how many days they will need so that you can plan accordingly.

Plan the Pre-Wedding Events

People with different backgrounds have different traditions they like to carry out before a wedding. Make sure you consider these as important and ask for help in planning these smaller events. You're already planning a wedding, which is stressful enough, so the people close to you will most likely have no problem assisting you with these traditional events if you give them advance notice. Additional events may include rehearsal dinners, parties, showers, etc.

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