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Meeting Men or Women Online for a Fun Time

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There are three types of people who can be found on online dating sites – those that are looking for fun tonight, those that are looking for their soulmate, and those that are just curious about what these sites are all about and wanted to test the waters.

Whatever your reasons are for looking into the world of online dating, the same primary rule applies – be honest! Chances are that if you’re just testing the waters you won’t have a complete profile up, but if you are looking for fun or forever, take the time to state that is what you want. Try and find stick with sites that lean more towards what you are after, if you’re stuck trying to find a site go here. It really doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bi, male, female or other, there will be someone to share whatever you wish to share.

Set Up Your Profile for A Short-term Fun Time
There is no need to try and trick people into dating you when you really just want a date for the night. Sure, you might be open to a repeat performance or a second date if things go really well, but what you most want is someone how is pretty casual, pretty cruisy, and really, pretty horny. So, how do you write your profile to attract someone who is after the same sort of relationship, without sounding like a desperate horn-dog or slut?

Start by being upfront, say that you are single (assuming that you actually are), but that you’re really enjoying life as it is at the moment. You want some fun companionship, but you aren’t looking for anything long term – you’re looking for right now, not Mr/Mrs right.

Anyone who is looking for true love will keep on scrolling by, so you won’t have unnecessary drama, and anyone who is just looking for a fling while they’re in town, or is feeling like getting out tonight will immediately want to know more.

So, you’ve got the attention of your target audience, now you need to work how to how get the right match. The two areas you need to cover in your profile are what can you offer someone, and what are you looking for?

Painting The Right Picture
People will often use old photos or glamour shorts in the profile pictures, which usually results in seeing your profile photo and your real-life picture being mocked on Facebook by the person who feels you deceived them. There is no need to alter your photo. Yes, you want something flattering, but you also want to look like you! Try to be accurate. So, you’re as wide as you are tall, did you know that there are a whole lot of people who prefer their partners this way? The internet has meant that anyone can find someone who is appealing to them physically, no matter what they find attractive.

Share Yourself
So, who are you? The whole point of a dating site is to try and find someone that is compatible, even if you’re not looking for a soulmate. You may not think that saying you enjoy trekking and camping rough is relevant when you’re  only looking for a one night fling, but sharing a little about what makes you tick will help you find someone you are more likely to find interesting.

You want to write your profile to attract a like mind. If you are more comfortable at the opera than you are at an MMA tournament you may want to try life on the wild side, or you may want to stick to someone with that same line of thinking, but whichever way you look at it you are going to want to write an appropriate profile.

Are you very strait-laced looking for someone to take you out of your comfort zone? Then say that! Or are you a wild child looking for someone to get wild with, someone who is looking at scaring the world with how out there you could be if you hooked up? Put that in your profile.

With online dating, whether for a hook-up, a weekend fling, or a lifetime adventure, the more honest you can be the more likely you are to be able to find someone that will actually meet your needs.

OK, No, Not THAT Honest
We all know people who have no filter when they’re speaking, however when you’re writing your profile you do have the opportunity to reread what you have written and edit it. Although being honest is great, and you certainly want to let your personality shine through, there is some information that you simply don’t need to share.

Honestly, no one cares about your ex, whether they were Satan or not. You don’t need to mention them at all, not as the inspiration for you being on the dating site, or as a reference for what you want to avoid, and certainly not the fact that they gave you anything that required treatment!

Your online dating profile is really not the place to air your dirty laundry, actually, neither is your first date. If your ex has left you that wounded, this would be the time to step out of the dating game all together and sign up with a councillor instead.

Online dating is a great way to meet new and interesting people, but you only get out of it what you put in, so have fun, but if you want a no strings attached night (or weekend) of fun, don’t get upset if that is all you get.

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