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Important points you should remember for a happy and safe kayaking experience

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When you are at Mission Beach, give in to your adventurous side. Listen to the voice inside that asks you to explore the serene blue waters and calm beaches. Check out the lonesome and tranquil kayaks floating out in the bay. You need to try kayaking at Mission Beach, California, to experience true solace.
You can choose to go on a solitary soul-seeking journey for a couple of hours. Or you can take your loved someone away from the clamor and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

How to find the right kayak rentals on Mission Beach
Kayak rentals on Mission Beach are nothing out-of-the-ordinary. In fact, you will find tens of camps and offices that offer kayaks on rents to tourists, adventure sports lovers, and even pro-kayakers.

Recreational kayaks are much broader than pro-kayaks that people use in competitive sports. You need to find a kayak rental club that knows the purpose of the different styles, shapes, and sizes of these kayaks. The club should also be able to give you proper instructions and hands-on training if you have no experience. Before you hand over your money, ensure that the Mission Beach kayak rentals you are visiting has the infrastructure and resources to help beginners.

Single or tandem: that’s the question you should be asking first
Many beginners don't want to go out into the bay alone. They prefer kayaking with a partner, be it their significant other, a friend, family member, or a member of the kayaking team.

Check out the tandem kayaks at your Mission Beach kayak rental office. It is an excellent choice if you cannot calm the butterflies in your stomach, or you have a particularly fidgety partner. It can turn a completely new adventure into a pleasurable experience for both of you.

How to prepare for a kayak trip?
Preparing for the trip is crucial for everyone’s safety. You can only consider yourself ready if you have the following –

  1. A float plan – Names and contact details of everyone going for the kayak trip. The model and color of each kayak, emergency contacts, launch location, and time. You should take a printout of the same and leave it with an outfitter or a friend.  
  2. Safety kit – Each kayak should have a safety kit consisting of a whistle, pump, flares, flashlight, compass, collapsible paddle, and a floating rope.
  3. Maps – You should have a map inside a waterproof casing and the details on the area’s weather and water. It is surprisingly easy to lose a sense of direction in unfamiliar places. 

Why should you insist on receiving instructions and training? 
Renting a kayak is never the end of the story. Find out if you need any insurance. Ask if someone will go out with you to teach you a thing or two about kayaking.

Even the pro paddlers and surfers find the hands-on lessons very helpful, especially when they are in an unfamiliar place. Explore the pristine blue waters by yourself or with a partner safely with proper kayak instructions that should come with your rental.

These necessities make choosing the right outfitter most vital for the safety of everyone involved in the adventure sport. Kayaking is quite easy, but you should always prepare for unforeseen dangers before you leave the beach.

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