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How to Make the Most Romantic Wedding Invites Ever

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Your wedding day should match your dreams — and for most people, their dream is to have the most romantic day ever. However, achieving a romantic atmosphere isn’t easy; it requires you to pay attention to the details, tailoring them to your romantic vision.

One of the most important details to get right is your wedding invitations, which set the tone of the event for your guests. If you want a romantic wedding, you need romantic invitations, and here’s how to get them:

Quality Paper
You can tell the difference between bargain paper and nice cardstock — almost everyone can. Cheap paper feels smooth and thin, but not in a comforting or classy way, and often it cannot be manipulated easily without developing wrinkles or tears. Guests who receive low-quality paper might thoughtlessly discard it without realizing its importance.

Instead, you should prioritize using high-quality cardstock for your wedding invites. Cardstock comes in dozens of variations based on its material, texture and weight. Ideally, you will acquire cardstock that is around 100-lb, making it pleasantly durable but not incapable of cutting, embossing or other modifications. As for the material, you can choose from cotton, linen, parchment or felt, all of which provide uniquely dreamy textures.

Refined Wording
If your fiancé asked for your hand in marriage by saying “Hey you, wanna get hitched?” you probably wouldn’t swoon. Wording matters in conveying romance, both in person and on paper. Because romance and tradition are closely interlinked, you should consider using traditional format and language in designing your invites.

Invitations can be broken down into two major sections: the introduction and the details. In the introduction, you are telling your guests what the event is. Traditionally, the parents of the bride invite guests, but you might consider including both sets of parents — or none, if you are paying for your wedding on your own. Some options include:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bennet request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bennet & Mr. and Mrs. Darcy request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam
  • You are cordially invited to the marriage of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy

The second part, the details, include the date, time and location of your wedding. These should be clear and concise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be romantic. You can up the romance factor by writing them out in text instead of using numerals — e.g. “The Fourteenth of May, Two-thousand and Twenty, at Four o’clock in the evening.” This makes the information seem more old-fashioned, more formal and thus more romantic.

Romantic Fonts 
It’s not just what you say — it’s how you say it. If you were inviting your family and friends in person, they would read into your words using your tone and body language. Because you are sending written invitations, you need to consider how your fonts are modifying your message.

Without a doubt, script is the most romantic font style. This is because they harken back to the time of love letters, when loved ones could only express their feelings by writing them by hand. Generally, when you think of love letters, you are imagining the incredibly romantic sentiments expressed by Victorian letter-writers. The handwriting at this time was an invariably neat cursive script, sometimes distinguished with flourishes on certain letters.

While you can use an ornate script for some elements of your wedding invitations, like the names of the bride and groom, you should choose a complementary serif font to explain the details, like the location, date and time. This prevents any guest from mistaking an S for an F and missing your important day.

Something Special
Finally, you can make your invitations extra romantic by adding something unique that your wedding guests might not normally find in wedding invites. For example, you can include vellum inserts, which add some sophistication, or laser cut ornate lace into the edges of your invites. You might send your invites in a wooden box or with other mementos that guests can keep long after the wedding is over.

You don’t have to break the budget to make your invitations special; you might jot down a few personal notes to each guest or draw something romantic on each envelope. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

You want an incredibly romantic wedding, and that starts with incredibly romantic invitations. By handpicking each element of your invites, right down to the paper they are printed on, you can get your wedding started with as much pomp and circumstance as you deserve.

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