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Everything you need to Know about Silicone bands for your Wedding

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Weddings are all about traditions, and most of these are expensive compared to other events of your life. When you are preparing for your big day, it gets exciting, but you get those unwanted creases on your forehead as well when the bills finally add up.

Something that adds to the ever-growing bill is the cost of an engagement ring. Engagement rings are traditional, and therefore, most look for a choice between jewelry pieces or expensive stone. Even the wedding bands made out of precious metals like Gold, Palladium, and Tungsten can cost a lot.

However, if you are one of those, to whom the choice or the rarity of the stone, jewelry, or the metal doesn't matter, then Silicone wedding bands are just the thing you want. They are stylish, doesn't look cheap, and fits the occasion perfectly.

So, here is all that you need to keep in mind about silicone bands.

They are not cheap rubber rings/bands
If you are of the opinion that these silicone bands are quite similar to the more affordable option of the rubber rings and the wedding bands, then you are far away from the truth. Silicone bands and rings are highly durable, and the only similarity with the cheaper option is that they feel rubbery to touch and wear.

Silicone is abundant in silica or sand, and it contains additional elements like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and various other fillers. Often, these fillers are added during the making of the band to increase the durability of the elastomer. Silicone is resistant to extremes of temperature, abrasion, UV exposure, and chemicals. It is also completely food safe. So, you can treasure your possession without much maintenance forever.

Yes, it is a cool choice
Are you worried that you will look out of the pack when you are willingly letting go of the traditional diamond or gold wedding band? Well, that is half the idea. Over the past few years, silicone rings have gained popularity solely due to the fact that it is economical. The wedding band is a symbol of love, and it shouldn't get determined by the economic valuation of a ring.

It is a cool option for progressive and broad-minded individuals free from the traditional hang-ups. Keep in mind that there are options for both the groom and the bride. Silicone wedding bands can have multiple tiers, can be stacked together, and has an infinite number of choices when it comes to textures and hues.

The cost factor
It goes without saying that silicone wedding bands won’t pinch your pockets like the traditional options. They are much more affordable and economical compared to the precious metal bands and rings.

However, you need to keep in mind that the appeal is beyond just the cost-factor and transcends into the aesthetics as well. There are various color and texture options, along with customization offers where you can even get graphics printed according to your taste and preference.

So, it is time to think beyond the box and act sensibly while choosing the perfect wedding ring to seal your nuptials. All the best.

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