Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Attractive breathable nail paints – How are the makers packaging it perfect?

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The nail paint and nail art domain are expanding at a fast pace! No one though a decade back that nail paints can come such a long way and evolve in smart ways. Today, cosmetic experts are giving ample importance to nail health and are introducing products that boost nail health and structure. For this, they have been coming up with nail nourishment oils, organic nail polish remover, French manicure, and the like. One of the latest discoveries was the breathable nail polishes, which allows water to pass through it, unlike the standard nail polish.

Water permeable and breathable nail paints are also called halal nail polish. Initially, it was thought to be only applicable to Muslim women at large, who need to practice Wudu in their daily life.

Today, these nail polishes are gaining mass appeal, as well. Being free from the toxic chemicals that other standard nail polishes have, halal nail paints are gentle on the nails and keeps it strong and healthy. And to appeal to an extended customer base, the makers today are making these nail polishes more attractive than ever. They are:

1. Using better packaging
Every product can steal a maximum glance and invoke curiosity through its packaging. The makers are using classy and chic packaging for breathable nail paints. They come in a small bullet bottle with a plastic cap, with an applicator. It is easy to carry and apply, as well. Being made with the water permeable formula, it dries off quickly as well.

2. You can get it various color shades
Women love to experiment with multiple nail paint colors. Today, the breathable nail colors are available in red, pinks, maroons, magentas, violets, purples, greens, and blues. If you love to flaunt nude shades, you can choose from multiple variants. Also, if you want to flaunt bold shades, you can choose from the neon, yellow, bright orange, and other bold hues as well.

3. Sport the metallic shades 
Today, the metallic nail paints are in fashion! And if you desired the same in breathable nail paints, you have it. All you need to do is decide on the metallic tinge you love most. For instance, you can choose from bronze, copper, metallic gold, silver, metallic grey, blue, green, and other shades as well. You can wear it at a party or for your office as well.

4. You get the best price and discounts
Online sales of any product get more mileage because of the promotions and discounts. So, if you want to buy more breathable nail paints for less, opt-in for the discounts and offers. You can search for the same online and use it to redeem your discounts.

5. Working on the look
The makers of breathable nail paints are not getting complacent about their products. They are continually improvising with the nail shades and the packaging to arrive at the best cut. They are making use of customer feedback to better their product and appeal more to the new-age audience.
No wonder the breathable nail paints are fast, making it to the "must buy" list of most women. If you want one, you can get the best deal online.

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