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4 Must See Places in Nanning China Guangxi - Attractions That No Tourist Should Miss

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Nanning, which is the capital city of Guangxi province, is a picturesque destination formed by rivers, valleys, and stone peaks that tourists would find extremely attractive. Nanning boasts of its abundant natural beauty that is a dream for nature lovers who can enjoy their time in exploring the mountains, caves, and exotic parks.
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Situated in the southern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning shares its border with Vietnam. It is also very close to Guilin, which is famous for its picturesque hilly landscape. Exploring the local cuisine will delight any tourist who can embark on a discovery mission by visiting the following places.

Nanning People’s Park
The beautiful public park in Central Nanning close to the city’s downtown was built in 1951. Being near the White Dragon Lake, its other name is white Dragon Park. The park has 141 steps near the entrance that you must climb to reach the top of the hillock. It is home to the Ancestral Hall built to honor the six leading personalities who were central to the development of Guangxi.

The structure was severely damaged by Guangxi warlord Lu Rongting in 1917 and subsequently rebuilt by Zhenning.  The panoramic view of Nanning city from the hilltop is a treat for the eyes, and a photographer's delight just as much attractive is the cannon atop the hill. The water bodies surrounded by palm trees and beautiful Chinse architecture and the Ferris wheel are a pure delight to see.
Detian Waterfall
Considered the largest waterfall in Asia, the Detian waterfall is highly popular among tourists who remain spellbound by its beauty. It is even the second transnational waterfall in the world. The stunning beauty of the waterfall located in Daxin County is a feast for the eyes and does not stop mesmerizing the visitors.  As the water descends from an incredible height of 230 feet, it provides an incredible experience that is hard to forget. The natural surroundings of the waterfall that stays alive and roaring throughout the year change according to the season.

Climb up the Qingxiu Mountain
The scenic beauty of Qingxiu mountain located about 9 km southeast of Nanning is a beautiful tourist spot on the bank of the Yongjian river that no tourist should miss. Globally known as the Green Mountain, you must walk about an hour to reach the place.  The undulating hills all around and the lush green landscape with clear and pure air creates a serene and pure environment, which is a rare gift to visitors. The Qingxiu mountain is one of the eight famous sceneries of Nanning.

Yiling cave
Nature lovers must visit the Yiling Cave, located 18 km from Nanning in Wuming County. Believed to have formed millions of years ago, the cave features stalactites and stalagmites, and the stunning formations that look like flowers are truly rare treats. The relics inside the cave portray the history, culture, and folklore of the Zhuang minority.

The inside of the cave is dark, cold, and slippery, and you must wear suitable protectives, including non-slip shoes when going inside.

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