Monday, September 23, 2019

Why Choose Functional Medicine Over Conventional Treatments?

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Today people are on the lookout for alternative medical care methods. Functional medicine, simply put, is a holistic method to treatment that aspires in treating a patient physically, yet also on a spiritual and emotional level. It rests on the assumption that people are unique and possess distinct biochemistry.
Also known as future medicine, this holistic treatment considers an individual's well-being. Usually, the treatments are personalized where a patient plays an imperative part in the treatment as oftentimes radical transformations in lifestyle and diet are needed.

Vital Facts about Functional Medicine 
Functional medicine is anchored on the principle that dynamic balance is present between the external and internal factors of an individual. Illness or disease takes places when there is a disturbance in this balance. This medicine is perfectly rooted in two scientific principles that advocates, including the deficit to aid the body in attaining an optimum state of functioning along with removing anything that hampers their journey towards attaining optimal physiology.

As opposed to conventional medicine that merely manages or masks the symptoms, functional medicine uses creative research methods for reaching the root of a disease and treats the same accordingly. 90% of illnesses happen to owe to imbalances in 7 fundamental core systems such as mind-body, energy metabolism, detoxification, digestion, immune function, hormones, and nutrition.

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Functional Medicine Vs. Conventional Treatments 
Conventional medicine simply put, is disease-centered, and divided into various specialties such as psychiatry, hematology, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, and more. This offers independent treatments for every body's organization. An individual, however, is made up of intricate web networks that include the body and the mind that are in continuous communication with one another. In fact, the disease name does not matter above the cause.

Thus, a psychiatrist may fail in treating a depressed patient effectively by antidepressants as an underlying cause such as a hormonal imbalance such as low functioning thyroid. Functional medicine, as opposed to conventional medicine, is never compartmentalized and tries in delving into the underlying cause where the treatment is customized to the root cause instead of the disease.

Heal Chronic Diseases
Most people suffer from different forms of chronic diseases. Conventional treatment is generally not effective to treat such ailments. Due to this, such people require in limiting their lives as per this which in turn puts an immense socioeconomic burden, especially on the society. During such cases, such treatments turn significant as it undertakes an approach to treatments that are holistic that especially turns necessary during chronic health conditions.

A chronic ailment such as depression, for instance, may not be cured through antidepressants owing to the fact that the root cause may be a deficiency of vitamin D. On the other hand, functional medicine may correct these underlying imbalances effectively and gradually nudge the patient towards a wellness path. These medicines are referred to as future medicine because this has the keys to various health issues where conventional treatments tend to fail miserably.

The bottom line is, the present-day healthcare system requires a paradigm shift with regards to its thinking. Functional medicine must be complimented well with conventional treatments to attain optimal health. 

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