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When Was the Last Time That You Visited Maldives?

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Sitting serenely in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is an island nation that is made up of 26 atolls that are comprised of over 1000 coral islands. As you might guess, this South Asian paradise is known for its lagoons, beaches, and coral reefs. When you visit the capital of Malé, you can have your pick of seafood (at the bustling fish market) and enjoy shopping along the primary road of Majeedhee Magu. Don’t forget to visit the Friday Mosque made of beautiful white coral.

Enjoying the Best in Luxury Accommodations
It is not surprising that this tropical oasis features 5-star, luxury resort accommodations. This type of escape will make it possible for you to unwind and enjoy a friendly and superlative culture. When staying at a 5-star resort in Maldives, plan on spending about five days. That way, you will make the most of your island experience. How long you plan your holiday will depend on the activities you plan to pursue. For example, if you wish to go deep sea fishing, snorkel, or dive, you may want to plan for a longer trip. Otherwise, a trip of five days should suffice.

Book Reservations at Two Hotels If You Plan to Extend Your Stay
For extended activities such as snorkeling or related water sports, plan to spend around seven days. In this case, you may need to book accommodations at two different hotels. If you are planning a honeymoon to Maldives, travel experts recommend staying on Malé Island. If you want to experience luxury at its finest, this island will meet with your expectations.

Notable Islands to Visit 
Other islands of note include Biyadhoo Island, Maafushi Island, and Nalaguraidhoo Island. If you are wondering about the best times to visit Maldives, plan on going between November to April. Therefore, you can visit this part of the world during the winter in the U.S. During these months in Maldives, the weather is drier. While Maldives is sunny most of the year, you may not want to spend time in this part of the world when it is raining.

Taking Advantage of Warm Breezes
After all, Maldives is known for its blue ocean, clean air, and white sand beaches. If you go when the weather is drier, you can fully participate in water skiing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Anyone who likes the water will feel right at home in Maldives during a holiday.

Hike and Birdwatch
That is why it is nice to know that you can stay at a luxury resort in this part of the world. Besides water sports activity, you can also hike and birdwatch. You don’t have to be an extreme sports enthusiast to enjoy the atolls and islands here. You can find opportunities for relaxing too.

Don’t Get Caught Out in the Rain
While it is best weather-wise to visit Maldives from April to November, you will save more money if you plan to go during the off-season that falls between May and October.

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