Monday, September 30, 2019

The Future of Adult Entertainment

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Without a doubt, there have been tremendous improvements in technology in different areas and industry. This includes the sex toys industry. Virtual reality has become a phenomenon that is accepted and recognised worldwide.

When it comes to sex technology, there have been significant improvements in the development of the hardware. In the past, teledildonics was nothing more than a pipedream. Today, they are slowly becoming the standards gadgets of choice for erotic explorers on the internet.

Virtual reality tech in adult entertainment
Over the years, the development of virtual reality technology has brought about a tech advance wave in adult entertainment. Through a virtual reality headset, adult content viewers are taken to a virtual universe. Here, they can watch adult content, interact with their virtual partners, play games, and even enjoy sex virtually with the help of sex dolls and virtual sex toys.

Through teledildonics, it is possible to transmit touch electronically between two people. Internet-enabled sex toys make it possible for two individuals to enjoy sex from any part of the world via internet connection. Toys are available for male and female users.

The statistics
Since 2007, there has been a massive increase in the number of adult sites and traffic to these sites. The internet offers more than 700 individual adult content sites.

Each time there is a new technology in the market, the adult entertainment industry is fast to adopt it. Seen in the past with VHS, DVD, as well as Blue-Ray, it is now taking shape with virtual reality. 
Today, Google trending analysis shows that more internet users are searching for VR adult content than there are searching for VR spots and games. More than 35% of all VR headset purchases are made by individuals looking to enjoy adult content. Also, at least 3% of VR users in the US are willing to pay $35 to view adult content.

By the year 2025, the virtual reality adult content industry will be worth more than $1 billion. This will make it the third-largest industry after the video game industry and American football content industry.

Virtual sex dolls are all the craze
Over time, sex dolls are becoming very realistic. They come will the ability to hold conversations and adopt an almost real-life existence. It is possible to purchase a sex doll online or in a sex toys store. They come in a wide array of features. Buyers get to choose a doll based on their preference and even fetish.

The idea of having human-like sex dolls has led to the development of virtual reality. Through a virtual reality headset, adult content viewers and connect to a sex doll and enjoy intimacy as they would physically. The technology uses a technique that vibrates the genitals of the humans combined with the virtual experience of having intercourse with a doll. A study done by researches at Stanford University found that participants appeared to be influenced by the presence of a virtual person in a similar way they would be if a real person were next to them.

Virtual reality is just one of the numerous developments that continue to shape the adult entertainment industry. Today, virtual reality adult content is available for HMDs. The 180 or 360 degrees first-person VR shot makes it possible for the viewer to enjoy the experience from different perspectives.

It is not just in virtual reality. Other related technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented reality will change how sexual interactions occur in the future. This is the future of adult entertainment.

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