Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Choose Unique Designs for Gold Diamond Ring & Solitaire Diamond Ring

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There is nothing ordinary and mundane about the way a diamond ring sits on a woman's finger! The dazzle, the cut the shine – everything plays a part in making the diamond look its shimmering best.
There are many occasions where people opt-in for a diamond ring! It includes engagement announcements, wedding anniversaries, and birthday celebrations.
Sometimes, you don't need a specific reason to gift your wife or girlfriend a unique diamond ring. The online diamond jewelers have made it easy for you to select the best diamond ring designs from its online ring design catalog.

The unique designs to choose from

Talk about a diamond ring and most people will shower you with a round or oval cut!

There are the generic-looking rings as well.

Whether you want a gold solitaire diamond ring or another design, it is essential that you opt-in for the unique designs. Some of the unique designs that you can opt-in for are:

The sugarloaf cut diamond ring 

If you have already checked out the cabochon cut, you will find the sugarloaf cut to be a refined variation of it. The diamond ring comes with a seamless square flat base having four sides that point high up as well as meet to create a mountain shape. The cut gets used on gemstones of various colors that help to reflect the vibrant color.

Trilliant cut diamond 

You will find this cut and designed used in the eternity rings. You will come across a stream of accent diamond that gets studded on the side of the main wedding band.

Endless cut 

It is a distinctive looking diamond ring! Here you will come across a stretch of diamond that gets held together. You can’t see any visible metal or claws. Every piece gets customized depending on your accurate measurements.

Radiant cut 

The radiant cut diamonds usually come in a rectangular or square shape, and it also blends in with the round emerald shape. The radiant cut diamond rings are much like the princess cut diamonds, but they have cropped corners as well as extra brilliance. They further come with improved colors and are a perfect option for colored gemstones.

The cushion-cut diamonds

Most people call this diamond-cut a pillow cut. It is known for its sheer brilliance and also for an ethnic look. If you want a traditional wedding or engagement ceremony, this is the best ring to opt-in for. It will impress you with its dazzle and sparkle.

The Asscher cut 

If you are fond of distinctive designs, then this is the ideal option for you! There are two kinds of Asscher cuts. One of the cuts gets known as the Royal Asscher that comes with more facets and also a high crown. You can’t find any imperfections in this cut. So, if you always wanted a very high-quality diamond, then this is the one.

These are some of the best and unique diamond cuts and designs that you can look into! You can always keep in mind the oval or princess cut diamonds. But when you want something special and unique, these designs mentioned above might impress you more.

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