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7 Romantic Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

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Buying a gift for your special guy can be challenging. Guys can be hard to impress. Not to mention, they might seem like they have everything. And the only thing harder than searching for the perfect gift for your man is searching for the perfect romantic gift for him. However, those gifts do exist. And with a little creativity on your part and some help from the ideas below, you will be on your way to the perfect, creative and romantic gift your guy will love.

1. Jewelry
Some guys like a few special pieces of jewelry that fit their own personal sense of style as well as their lifestyle. Finding jewelry for your significant other tends to be a lot like buying jewelry for yourself: When you find the right piece, you’ll know.
To get some inspiration and think about different options, look at a men’s gold bracelet by Gold Urban. Use your intuition and your gut when shopping. Picture your man wearing the piece of jewelry you think he might like to help you decide if he actually would. And don’t forget that many pieces can be engraved or personalized in one way or another. Adding a special customization can elevate a good gift to one he’ll cherish forever.

2. Sheets
Most men have never indulged in a really great set of sheets, let alone know what a great set of sheets are. So, next time you need a gift, splurge on a really nice set of sheets with a high thread count that he will fall in love with. Also, a couple of super luxurious blankets and throws will add softness, comfort and decadence.

3. Massage Oils
Any man that doesn’t enjoy a massage is definitely in the minority. Invest in a book on how to up your massage game and invest in some special massage oils. Some oils are flavored, some are aroma- therapeutic and others have different properties that make them unique. Check the labels to make sure neither you or your partner are allergic to any of the ingredients. Set the mood with candles and a dark room. Put on some soft, soothing and relaxing music. Don’t forget to pay attention to his scalp, ears and neck. The more he relaxes, the more he will enjoy it.

4. Alcohol
This gift can be done in a few different ways. If he has a specific liquor he likes, find the best, oldest or rarest most special bottle or bottles of the liquor. If you two have a favorite or sentimental liquor or other libation — wine from a vineyard you visited together, a specific drink you had on vacation, a beer you both love — choose that. Or if neither of those ring true, get him a home bar starter kit. Most experts agree that to start, you should have a bottle of tequila, whiskey, vodka, gin and rum. Add in a few of his favorite mixers and a set of nice glasses, and you’ll have a romantic gift he will love to receive.

5. Cooking
Cooking is such a great way for couples to bond at the end of the day, and it tends to create more communication and intimacy than going out to eat. If he enjoys the shopping for ingredients, prepping and the art of creating a meal from scratch, order him a book full of recipes for two. However, if he prefers the one pot, pre-prepped, all ingredients in one place and perfectly measured out option, get him a food delivery service subscription. He can make a healthy, 15-minute, one-pan meal when he is busy — or you can spend time bonding and connecting cooking together.

6. Bathrobe
If your man doesn’t already have a bathrobe, then it might be a perfect gift. Opt for the most luxurious bathrobe you can find. He will love slipping out of the shower and into this gift. Robes are great for keeping him covered while shaving and grooming and having his morning coffee. Bathrobes are often a gift that men like to receive but will not buy for themselves.

7. Photos
This gift can go from very sweet and innocent to more revealing very quickly. Print out a favorite picture of you as a couple and frame it nicely with a sweet note on the back or something special engraved on the frame. Or kick it up a notch by taking some photos that are more risqué. There are professional photographers that will do romantic boudoir-style photoshoots that your man will enjoy.

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