Friday, September 27, 2019

4 travel benefits of credit cards you should never miss out on

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If you are a frequent traveler, you will have at least one premium card. The premium credit cards are beneficial because of the reward points and flyer miles that you can accumulate with regular use. All of these advantages, coupled together, will lower your travel expenses, but you must understand where to look.

In the following post, we have gone into the details of the advantages on offer with a credit card, especially for traveling. Keep in mind that high-value credit cards offer tremendous benefits, but you need to pay a premium price. However, there are certain credit cards that provide brilliant traveling benefits, and these are the ones that you should consider.

Here are the benefits on offer.

Free luggage check
The post 9/11 world is one of the stringent security measures, and anyone who is in the habit of traveling will notice that getting through the security before you board is an ordeal in itself. Scanners for body and luggage, going shoeless and getting the pat-downs from the safety and TSA agents are just a few of protocols you need to go through. To add to the annoyance further, the luggage check has a charge at every airport.

However, with premium credit cards that offer travel allowances will enable you to bypass the security measures and help you save on time. If you are looking to fast track your entry process into any country as well as avoid the long queues at the security checking kiosks, then credit cards are a brilliant option.

Access luxurious hotels
Once you have arrived at your destination, you might heave a sigh of relief, but keep in mind that is just half-the-job-done. Everyone wants to stay at the best hotels with premium service. But the truth is such options will burn a hole through your savings. If you are looking to get hold of five-star services at competitive rates, credit cards can be the right option for you.

There are many credit cards entirely cut out for traveling that will allow you to access elite resorts and hotels with just a simple phone call. If you are the cardholder or a member of a similar program, then you get to choose between several premium offers and benefits with respect to lodging and food. Room upgrades, spa credits; you name it, it's there for you.

Lounge access at the airports
Lounge access is the right option when travelers are looking to unwind after a long flight. You get an enclave that is not overcrowded and overpriced in terms of snacks and beverages. With the right credit card or elite flyer status, you can access the airport lounge all across the world.

Elite status for hotel stay
To attain elite status, you need to stay around ten nights at the same hotel chain. Or you can gain similar status by holding the right credit card. The elite status allows for bonus points, gifts, and amenity upgrades.

Additionally, with a premium credit card, there are several other features that you can have access to including the insurance on rental cars and additional roadside assistance in case of flat tires and engine breakdowns. Research the perks before you apply for a credit card with traveler benefits to enjoy all the perks.

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