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15 Most Romantic Wedding Venues in the World

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A wedding is an intense time for every pair of lovers in the world. It is the event that you will remember for the rest of your life and because of that, it should be a special one. There are many venues in the world where you can enjoy your wedding at but some are more impressive than others. Here is a list of the best and most romantic 15 wedding venues in the world to consider!

1. Costa Rica wedding venues
Costa Rica offers plenty of options to celebrate your wedding. Costa Rica wedding venues are so popular thanks to the amazing flowers and the intense wildlife. These venues are both romantic and exciting for couples! You can have a wedding to remember with joy all your life in this part of the world.

2. The beautiful Santorini
It is hard not to love Greece. Santorini is definitely one of the best venues to host a wedding. The white houses and charming cliffs will definitely take you in a fairytale land. And the beaches are impeccable and perfect to party on them all night long! There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.

3. Go different with a Fiji wedding
If you want a different and unique wedding venue, Fiji is for you. This is the perfect tropical environment to celebrate your love. You can choose between 3000 islands and it won’t be easy as they are all breathtaking. All beaches are colorful and guarded by tall palm trees to enjoy.

4. Try Italian venues
Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world. It has plenty of interesting areas, and Tuscany tends to be on the top of the list most of the times. Tuscany has an impressive culture and history as well so you will get a great experience along with your wedding.

5. Provincial France is perfect for a stylish wedding
If you want an elegant and glamorous wedding, France is a great choice. There are flowers everywhere in the Provincial France, especially lavender. This is also a place that Van Gogh fell in love with as well as the famous Picasso. And you will love it as well.

6. A latino wedding in Spain
Spain is slowly but sure getting to be one of the best wedding venues thanks to the amount of fun it can provide. You can go to Barcelona for an impressive architecture that will enrich your wedding photos or you can choose Seville for a wedding that seems more like part of a fairytale.

7. The Palm Springs in USA
America has a great variety of impressive venues and Palm Spring is definitely one of them. It is set in the desert and it is the perfect venue for those who want a starlike wedding. It rarely rains here so you can enjoy sunshine all year round, which is another advantage of the area.

8. Have the perfect wedding in Paris
We can’t leave Paris out of this list.It is known as the most romantic city in the world and perfect to host any type of wedding. Here you will find all the glamorous services you can think of and great places to celebrate at. Paris is always full of life and style so you just can’t go wrong with it.

9. Ever considered Sri Lanka? You will be amazed
Not many couples think of Sri Lanka as the perfect wedding venue but it actually is a great choice. This place is one of the most exotic and peaceful places on the planet. It is perfect for those who like great natural places with a breeze of freshness.

10. Amalfi Coast will charm you with its shades of blue
If your favourite color is blue, the Amalfi Coast is going to spoil you with impressive shades of blue. It has great places with plenty of flowers and cliffs that are going to set the right atmosphere. You can find endless places here to snap photos and keep memories from your wedding.

11. The French Riviera
We are getting back to France to suggest you this French Riviera place that will compliment your wedding perfectly. Here is where the royal family loved to hang out during the 19th century. And your wedding will seem very much royal as well!

12. Sicily has a unique charm
Sicily is a perfect wedding venue thanks to its culture and romantic vibe. This place is timeless and always appreciated for its classic vibe. There are many charming beaches and restaurants to choose from and lovely people that will help you enjoy your time!

 13. Marrakech gives you the perfect wedding venue in Morocco
Marrakech is a place that you can not fall in love with. It is peaceful, glamorous, stylish and very romantic. You can have both the wedding and the honeymoon here and you will not regret it! And the islamic architecture will only come to add some charm to your event!

14. The Saint Lucia area in the Caribbean
The lost Atlantis would have its special magnetic atmosphere that can make your wedding special and Saint Lucia is commonly nicknamed the lost Atlantis for the same reason. Here you will find white sand and clear water with impressive mountains and waterfalls.

15. Portugal
Portugal is a very potent country when it comes to beauty and culture. There are castles and interesting buildings everywhere you look and they all seem to invite you to celebrate your wedding. And the vibrant colors will steal your heart as you notice them!
 Take your pick and enjoy the wedding of your dreams in one of these amazing venues!

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