Sunday, August 18, 2019

Boot Scootin' Birthday Shoppin' for Your Dream Girl

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A Look at the Calendar. You just happen to gaze at the calendar for next month and take notice that you have a reminder that the love of your life has a special day coming up—her birthday! Yes, you remember you were invited to that wild girl's birthday party and that's how you got her number and you became her friend. So it's your turn to show her how much you care.

Didn't she get you those cuff links for your birthday? Why don't you do something a little different for her this year? Remember when you two were talking a romantic walk downtown and she hinted at those gorgeous cowgirl boots and said how she wished she had been raised on a ranch. Maybe that would be the perfect gift for her.

Jeans and Boots
Maybe you can double up and get her a pair of jeans to go with her boots as well; you know she'd love you for it. Girls like to get gifts, especially when they've let the cat out of the bag about something they like. Both cowgirl boots and jeans come in a variety of styles. Plus, they are timeless and your sweetheart can wear them anytime you are together. They would give you an excuse to ask her out to festivals, rodeos, or the local parish fair more often. Cowgirl boots don't have to mean that you are looking back to the 1870s because cowgirls wear them all the time in the modern world. They love the stylish look that they bring. They are durable and seem like they could last forever.

Style and Brand
You have a lot of brands and styles to choose from, but luckily she has already pointed out that she liked the Ariat women's cowgirl boots in the window. This is going to be a cinch, but there are so many styles of Ariat's. It won't run you broke though, and you'll have a sweet friend who is even more endearing to you. Since she won't be roping soon, you can cross out roping cowgirl boots. Make sure you get the right toe-shaped boots for her. After that, you can figure out what her size is.

Narrowing Down Options
Don't worry, the people down at the store are usually pretty good about gifts being returned or changed for the right size, especially from the guy who just doesn't know all his girlfriend's cowgirl boot measurements. You'll just have to explain to the salesperson this is a birthday gift and go with the flow. The main thing is that it is a gift to make her happy on her special birthday and leave the rest up to her.

Out and About
While you are out and about looking for those cowgirl boots, just remember that if you want to make it special for her, take her to the new Cowgirl Museum in town. That would just add icing on the cake. She'd have her boots, her boyfriend, her new jeans, and a special night out all at one time. You know that would make her happy.

It's a Wonderful Gift
But, hey, it's just a buddy watching out for his friend. Well, at least you'd be heading in the right direction and you never know where this will lead. Love is a mysterious thing so go the songs. At this point, you have a lot to do such as planning and shopping. Oh, her birthday is when? Next week? That gives you the weekend. Can you hide it from her so she doesn't know why you are not showing up at her house like you normally do? Just tell her you were "window shopping."

Twosome or Foursome
After all is said and done, you will need an excuse to get her boots to her. Who's throwing the party for her this year? Well, that's your chance to step up and make some reservations at a nice restaurant and just make it a twosome for you and her. If you prefer, you can make it a foursome and invite your good buddy along with his honey and you'll have a great time together. That way you'll all enjoy her special night out together.

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