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Take out the Guesswork for Guests: What to Include in Wedding Invitation

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If you're wondering what to include in the wedding invitation, when planning your wedding, one of the most important details will be the guest invites.
The average number of guests invited to a wedding is around 120. With everything else that you've got to handle, that's a lot of invites to keep track of!

That goes double if you're acting as your own wedding planner. It's enough to make you want to elope or just visit the courthouse on a slow Friday afternoon!
If you're not sure what to include in the wedding invitation, don't panic. We've got an easy to follow guide to ensure you include everything you and your guests need.

Who, What, When, Where

Remember in English class when the teacher discussed the four W's -- Who, What, When, Where? They're the building blocks of what goes in a wedding invitation.

Here's what you need:

  1. Who: You and your future spouse's names, preferably in an eye-catching font
  2. What: Your marriage announcement
  3. When: Include the date and time and a "Save the Date" card
  4. Where: Give the address of the venue along with a simple map or basic directions in case they don't have GPS on the way there

Don't worry about the last W -- how. That's up to your guests.

Include an RSVP card with a deadline for your guests to answer. On your RSVP card, include postage to make it easy for them to drop it in the mail.
The cost of postage can add on to your wedding costs (which on average can reach over $33,000!). Save money by using free invitation templates.

Theme and Dress Code
It's important to include dress code information for your guests. You don't want anyone to look or feel out of place and spoil the celebration.
Let's say you have a wedding on the beach. Most people would take that to mean casual attire, but you want it to be formal.
Leave no room for guessing and include that info in your invitation.
If your wedding has a theme, make sure you mention that, too. That way your guests have time to plan their outfits and you'll have the wedding of your dreams!

Extra Info
Here are other wedding invitation ideas that are important to keep in mind:

  • Any weekend schedule, like brunch plans or extra parties
  • Wedding registry or gift requests
  • Wedding website, social media accounts, or special hashtags
  • Destination weddings should mention what amenities are included at any hotels or resorts and flight schedules

Think about everything that your wedding includes. If there are some out of the ordinary details, it's best to mention them so your guests can accommodate you.

What to Include in Wedding Invitation
You've chosen the colors, the card stock, and the wax seal (or sticker, or band) around your beautiful invitation. Make sure to include everything your guests need to know inside the envelope and you're good to go!
You've checked one more thing off your "to-do" list now that you know what to include in the wedding invitation. Doesn't that feel great?
If you want to learn even more tips and tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams, check out all of our wedding guides!

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