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Here’s how to choose between Public and Private (International) Schools in Singapore

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Every parent wishes for their kids to have the best education and while most people don’t agree what a great education looks like, statistics and results show that it’s the combination of creativity with engagement, focused yet practical, and data-driven matched with futuristic thinking.

In Singapore, schools are comprised of local public schools and international private schools. Choosing the right one means looking at which one is the perfect fit for your kid.

Singapore Public School

Singapore’s education system starts in preschool and moves through primary school and ending in secondary school before students graduate. Approximately 4% of Singapore's public-school students hail from the international community while the 9% hold permanent residence.

In secondary school, learners are start going on a path that leads toward either technical college or a university.  The majority of Singapore's public schools include the same laboriousinstruction and offers different levels of extra-curricular activities as well as academic support.

Singapore Private School

You’ll find more than 40 private schools where most cater to expats/international families.  These schools are often country-specific institutions such as German schools,British schools, and Indian schools.  International schools usually offer a flexible curriculum, which can differ in theme and approach. However, the Committee for Private Education supervises all private institutions under the Private Education Act to guarantee quality and regulatory alignment.

Comparing the Quality of Public and International (Private) School

As you may have already known, public schools frequently rank among the best in the world, particularly on maths and science lists.  This is due to a vigorous commitment to traditional, competitive education.  Teachers focus on procedures and subject mastery resulting in an overall exceptional performance on standardised examinations and exceedingly disciplined educational environments.

Consequently, the curriculum for private schools in Singapore can vary.  Some institutions take the traditional school method and focus on information recall.  Others utilize the future-proofed approach to education.  Due to diversity in their curricular choices, Singapore's private schools differ in quality and outcomes.  Therefore, seeing one private school in Singapore is seeing just that one school and the nearby school may offer a wholly different approach and produce a different graduate.

Cost of public and private schools in Singapore

Singapore's public schools are open to international students, although they charge tuition for non-Singaporeans. Citizens of ASEAN nations pay one feewhile citizens of other countries pay a higher one. The tuition is often higher than public school costs, however.

Citizens enjoy priority for slots in public schools while expat families who look to enrol their child in public school must have a backup plan in case they’re not shortlisted. Foreigners cannot request a school, which means that their children can get placed in a school assigned by the Ministry of Education.  Admission to private schools is much more straightforward.


Singapore has one of the most well-regarded public education systems in the world. The curriculum prepares students to passstandardised, levelled examinations. International schools usually select the curriculum used in their home country, or they adopt a curriculum according to philosophy such as the Montessori method or the International Baccalaureate approach.

End Note

Singapore providesexpat families with a diverse educational landscape.  Enrolling your child to the right school either public or private takes careful consideration.Choosing the best-matching institution from Singapore private schools in a particular area for your child can be done easily online by looking at a certain school’s credentials, history, and parent reviews.

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