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Designer women cardholders blends both utility and style

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We all know that the first impression is the last impression! And making an impression depends on sporting the best attire and carrying the right accessories. Little things like credit card transactions can make a lasting impression.
Talking of cards, it is also essential that your cardholder has a chic appearance. If it’s durable, it makes your investment worthwhile. Most modern-day women want their cardholders to look and perform well.

Today, the number of women in the workforce is increasing with every passing day! And the corporate landscape includes women managers, interns, executives and many more. These women are a part of business development meetings, seminars, press conference, business get-together, cocktail parties, dinners and the like.

It is essential for them to sport cardholders that are stylish, classy and of high-quality. Are you searching for one? If yes, then you can check out the online portals that help you select the best women business cardholders.

Features of the best women cardholders 
The new age women have both style and inner mettle. It's natural that the business accessories that she will choose will also be a complete blend of utility and a designer look.  Some of the best features of the cardholders that impress women are as follows:

1. There are multiple colors of cardholders 

A woman loves to dress and look her best in the corporate landscape. It's true that formal attires and accessory selection, limit you from dressing up in an upbeat and quirky way. When in office or a business setting you need to abide by a corporate etiquette and code of conduct. However, you can make the most of the colors that the designer women cardholders boast. You can select from shades likes midnight blue, dark olive, chestnut brown, baby pink, light violet, yellow orchard, burnt red, orange, sky blue and many more.

You can purchase a handful of these cardholders and sync it with your daily attire. Sometimes, you can match the cardholder color with your brand logo. It will help you add rich and vibrant colors to the otherwise mellowed corporate greys and whites.

2. The cardholders provide a firm grip

Made of high-quality leather or PU leather, the designer women cardholders come with an excellent grip. It gets designed in a compact size that makes it easy for you to hold in your palm. That aside, your business cards or personal identification card sits in tight inside the case. As a result, it is perfect for women employees and managers who are always on the move. There's no way your card would slip out from the case. Few designer cardholders enable women employees to carry their company identification cards, business cards as well as credit cards together.

However, there’s one caution that you need to exercise! Ensure that your designer card holder doesn’t appear all plump and overstocked. That would ruin your impression completely. Go easy on the cardholder and use it well.

3. Smooth surface and high-quality texture

Being made of high-end materials like leather or PU leather, these cardholders have a smooth surface. The texture too is even and gives a soft feel to the hands. Should there be minor stains or pen marks, you can easily wash it or use a stain removing solution. On washing, there will be no discoloration or fading, as the colors have a rich pigment and last longer. Today, most corporate women professionals match their folders and bag color with their cardholders.

4. You can customize cardholders with interesting design additions

Gone are the days when you had to carry cardholders that just looked formal and bland! The new age designers have come up with attractive variants in multiple shades and interesting variations. Women can customize their cardholders according to their preference.

If you want you can opt-in for embossed logos, appliqués, carved graphics and studs to render essential accents to the cardholders. Women entrepreneurs also select a signature design for cardholders with their company logo on it. There are many other aesthetic elements improvised on it. In terms of the texture varied materials such as croc-embossed leather, grained calfskin, coated canvas, and calf-hair get used. It helps to provide depth and a tactile element to the cardholders. You also have the option to customize appropriate zip closures or pocket placements that adds to the look and utility of the product.

5. The cardholders have a stunning visual impact 

Some of the designer women cardholders come in printed, intarsia or embossed patterns that give it a great visual appeal. Some samples carry geometrics and other minimalistic designs that can bring an interesting diversion to the formal business ambiance, without getting over the top. Sometimes, you can even customize ornamental motifs on the cardholders to give it a personal touch.

These are some of the interesting features and utilities that are making designer women cardholders popular. It does full justice to your fashion sense and budget capacity.

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