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9 Habits of Every Happy and Functional Family

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Family is the cradle of life. This is the first thing we know when we set foot in this world. But being in a family is not always the best experience. It can turn out to be very different from our expectations. Whether we accept it or not it leaves a very profound impression on us. If you have ever watched Modern Family then you might know what I am talking about.

While forming a new family we often tend to carry on the traditions and cultures which have been passed onto us. But with the changing world and times, we should learn to be open to change and suggestions. When we think about a dysfunctional family, we very easily understand that something is not right. But what is a functional family? Well, let us find out.

What does a functional family mean?
A functional family is one which supports the growth and development of its members without curtailing their individuality. A functional family is one which does not create a toxic environment and maintains a healthy atmosphere for emotional and intellectual the growth of its members.
Functional families provide equal respect to all its members regardless of their age. Being considerate to one another is the Holy Grail of all functional families and it binds them together with love and empathy.
The safest propaganda of all functional families is privacy. They provide their own privacy and space to all its family members. Members within a family should not feel insulated or interrupted as this is the very foundation of a safe and healthy environment.
All members of this type of family have the right to place their opinions and suggestions and also their dreams and aspirations are supported without any fear of being slammed or dismissed.

Good Habits of a Happy Family

A family that eats together stays together. You must have heard of this several times. But there is much more to just eating together when it comes to being a functional family. Here in this segment, we are going to learn about some important attributes of a happy and functional family.

#1 Stay Happy Together

Not every member of your family can be found together at the same time but that is exactly what a family means. Parents have jobs, kids have schools and so on. But despite all these differences happy and functional families always find a way to stick together. They get along together with every possible opportunity they can find and make the most of it. Staying happy together is the biggest characteristics of every happy family. They can nourish and foster your bond through new height without you even realising it. Laughing together can not only improve your mood but also boost immune health and heart. Therefore, every family should have fun family time together.

#2 Take Family Trips

Going for family trips every once in a while, is a good way to bring the entire family together. People are so busy in their mundane day to day activities that they will hardly have time to spend quality time with each other. Planning for a vacation, especially to places where your kids or your partner have longed to visit, is really great for strengthening the bond within your family. It does not have to get complicated or expensive. Just plan for something where there is something for each member of your family to have fun.

#3 Tell Stories

Children love to hear stories and stories prove to be a great way to build a bond with your children without having to spend a huge amount of money. Tell them stories about how you met your partner or about the day your kid was born or any fictional story to keep your child interested. Researchers have shown that stories play a huge role in passing on traditions and cultures to the future generation. Invite their grandparents in to make the story session more enjoyable and interesting.

#4 Allow Your Kids to Connect to Their Grandparents 

Kids are closer to their grandparents their parents. A functional family allows their kids to have enough time to visit and connect with their grandparents. Grandparents prove to be a very stabilising influence. Research shows that children who have grandparents involved are more social and less prone to stress and emotional trauma. They are also happier and more emotionally strong than kids who do not have the involvement of their grandparents.

#5 Have Family Meetings

Family meetings are a great way to inculcate a sense of responsibility into your children. It also helps the children to understand their parent’s interests towards them. Ask your child about how their studies are going or about how their day at school was and so on. This will enable the child to be franker with their parents and they will trust their parents with everything. Plan a designated time for your meeting and value everyone’s opinion. This is also a great way to imbibe the policies if right and wrong into your children.

#6 Thank Each Other Often

When was the last time you ever thanked your parents or partner for anything? Appreciating one another can not only strengthen your bond but can also build the love between you. Thank your family members regardless of their age. Encourage your spouse and other members to appreciate and thank the children. Notice the good things that your family is doing and thank them often. Studies show that the family who practices gratitude is happier and healthier than families who don’t.

#7 Allow Your Members to Volunteer 

Volunteering is an act of kindness and it is a great way to express thanks to the community by doing something g positive. Volunteering for charity services teaches a child to be kind, compassionate and empathize with each other. Participate in volunteering and allow your children to do so as well. When they see adults doing it they will automatically take part. it can be as simple as donating food or clothes or even picking up garbage. Families who engage in volunteering are more helpful than others.

#8 Eat Together

Try to have at least one meal a day together. In most functional files it is dinner. Eating dinner together can help family members catch up with each other and discuss their activities of the entire day. This helps people to open up about their problems and find appropriate solutions to them together. This allows them to realise that they are not alone. Families who eat together are happier and healthier than others.

#9 Communication Is The Key

Whatever is the situation never fail to talk. Consistent communication is the golden rule of every functional family. This helps the child to learn self-expression and also problem-solving skills. Take an effort to communicate with people even when they are not in the best of their moods. This will allow them to open up and express their emotions more effectively and efficiently. Also, be a good listener. Do not interrupt when someone is talking their heart out.

A happy family is one where everyone feels loved and important. If you want your kids to be happy and strive as happy adults then try to incorporate these golden habits into your family activities as much as possible. This will build the happiness from the start and everyone will stick around till the end.

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